Combatting finals: De-stress like a Lariateer

By Rae Jefferson
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Some of the Lariat staff responded to the question, “How do you deal with stress during finals week?” Their answers range from finding every distraction possible to just curling up in the fetal position. We’re going to need more Kleenex.

“I forget the fact that I have finals, so I go out with people. I go to the movies, go to Hastings, play cards for like four hours. Then I remember I have finals and cry no the inside, but then I put that crying aside and go back to playing cards.”
Cody Soto | Sports Writer

“I don’t.”
Shehan Jeyarajah | Sports Editor

“I only have one final this year. I think senioritis has hit hard because I’m like, ‘I’ll study when I want to.’ But I only do it for 30 minutes.”
Linda Wilkins | Editor-in-Chief

“I buy a lot of music. It’s quiet indie music to listen to while I study.”
Magen Davis | Videographer

“I craft. It’s always relaxing to sit out on my porch and paint or make stationary.”
Rae Jefferson | Arts & Entertainment Editor

“I watch the Duggars on ’19 Kids and Counting.’”
Jessica Babb | Assistant Web Editor

“I eat lots of sour gummy worms and have ‘Harry Potter’ running in the living room, even if I’m not in there.”
Rebecca Flannery | Staff Writer

Didi Martinez | Copy Editor

“I really don’t, I just kind of freak out. Maybe cry?”
Maleesa Johnson | Copy Desk Chief