Hippodrome to host annual film festival

The Waco Hippodrome turns 100 years on February 7th, 2014. Photo credit: Lariat file photo

HippodromeBy Allie Matherne

Etched into theatrical and film history, the Waco Hippodrome provides a blueprint for students to share their modern films on the same screen as historical icons, such as John Wayne and Elvis Presley.

The Black Glasses Film Festival will revamp its 16-year-old festival at the historic Waco Hippodrome. Tickets are $3 for students and $5 for the public. There will be 18 films.

“That’s how movies are meant to seen. There are so many ways to watch movies now, but nothing beats the experience of the theater,” said associate communications professor Dr. Jim Kendrick, associate professor of film and digital media.

The films are pre-judged by professors from the film and digital media department, and films will be awarded “best film,” “best editing” and “best cinematography.” Additionally, the audience will vote on “audience choice” at the event.

The festival will feature a vast number of genres, Kendrick said.

“We’ve got a wide variety — comedies, dramas, silent films, music videos, experimental films — there’s something for everyone,” he said.

The process has been both grueling and rewarding said Western Springs, Ill., senior Caroline Nikchevich.

“Making a short film in one semester was like having a full-time job, so it’s definitely gratifying to have it screened to a large audience,” Nikchevich said.

“Having learned what a labor intensive and collaborative effort it is, I am equally excited to see everyone else’s work.”