Broaden your tastebuds: Break the monotony and try new foods in Waco


Food does different things for different people. For some, it has the power to create friendships through fellowship. For others, it’s ability to bring back fond memories can be comforting. In a way, food also serves as a source of identity for cultures. One thing is certain — the food experience is universal.

While in college, it is easy to forget the benefits of experiencing great, well-prepared food. Due to time constraints, students generally skip balanced, great-tasting food for sustenance (if one can call it that) on the go. Often times these food items, filled with empty calories don’t taste good, are also not good for you. It would benefit students to slow down on the fast food, and try quality restaurants and diners right here in Waco.

Saying that Waco is a melting pot is an understatement, as there are several dining options for those looking to broaden their taste palate. Some dining venues such as Lula Jane’s off of Elm Street, even offer food that contains locally grown, organic items.

Many of the items offered on the menu contain foods that were locally grown. This practice helps to lower costs for both the consumer and producer, while students are able to experience a combination of new flavors.

Studies have also shown that spicier foods, which are often found in Asian, Indian and Mexican cuisines, can do wonders for the body.

According to a health article published by the Huffington Post, spicy foods can help reduce the effects of a high-fat meal, boost moods and increase metabolism in the body.

Those who live hotter climates often use hot spices to internally cool themselves when temperatures are high. They also help, according to the article, to curb appetite by allowing diners to feel full faster. The benefits are immeasurable.

International cuisine can be scary for some students, especially those who grew up on the traditional southern meal of steak and potatoes (speaking of which, Diamondbacks has a great steak). Exotic cuisines such as Indian and Greek sometimes use ingredients that we may or may not be familiar with, causing caution when it comes to trying such foods.

But the fact of the matter is, you really don’t know whether you will enjoy something until you try it. Did you know when you were a toddler you would or wouldn’t like apples? As you got older, were you hesitant to try different types of bread like rolls and toast? Probably not. Your childlike, inquisitive nature likely encouraged you to try such foods that you now enjoy.

Try to have a childlike approach to trying new foods, even those you might not be acquainted with.