Brooks Residential College, Brooks Flats residents unable to enter their dorm rooms

By Abigail Loop

Staff Writer

Baylor students living in Brooks Residential College and Brooks Flats have reported they have not been able to enter either their dorm rooms or apartments since Wednesday.

According to student residents, Baylor ID cards have stopped working at both residence halls, the cause of which is still unknown. Baylor’s Information Technology Services department has told both residence halls staff members that it is still working on the problem.

Los Angeles senior Rachel Gerlach, a resident of Brooks Flats, said seniors living in the two dorms are the students who seem to be affected.

“Apparently all of the senior’s cards have stopped working in both Brooks Flats and Brooks College,” Gerlach said. “I haven’t been able to get into the Brooks Flats building but I can still get into my room. My card isn’t working at the SLC or at Penland either though.”

Gerlach said there’s a list of the names of students at Brooks Flats who are having problems like this and the list is almost two pages long.

Ann Garner, a receptionist on staff at Brooks Residential College, said she heard about the problem this morning after receiving an email.

“We were told that seniors were having ID problems and IT would let us know what’s happening,” Garner said. “Right now we’re using master keys to get students into their dorms.”

Students and staff at both residences still do not know the cause of the problem and are waiting for further information to give to students.