ZZZ makes its own rendition of Sing

Zeta Zigga Zamma practices Zing, their routine for Sing. Kevin Freeman | Lariat Photographer
Zeta Zigga Zamma practices Zing, their routine for Sing.
Kevin Freeman | Lariat Photographer
By Madi Allen

The men of Zeta Zigga Zamma have finally gotten their act together and will put on Zing, their own version of Sing, at 7 p.m. March 6 at the Jubilee Theater.

“The real question is, how did Zing not come about sooner?” said Ames, Iowa, sophomore Vince Greenwald, member of ZZZ.

For the first annual Zing, the members of Zeta Zigga Zamma are putting on their own version with all of the choreography, music and singing done by new members.

“ZZZ is not a student organization through Baylor, so we aren’t allowed to participate in Sing,” said Trophy Club senior Travis Blake, president of Zeta Zigga Zamma. “We decided to do Zing as a way to bond our new members together.”

The night will be composed of the Zing act performed by the new members, a comedic set by some of the current members and musical performances by student Zachary Doe and Uproar Records artist Luke Hicks.

“We want to take what Baylor does with Sing and do it worse,” Greenwald said. “The goal for the night is fun and ‘turntness.’”

According to its website, Zeta Zigga Zamma is an inclusive social group that offers an alternative to a fraternity.

Zing is a another approach to display the group’s talent and humor in a fun way.

“We love to be goofy, and Zing is our way to be serious about being funny,” Blake said. “We love Sing so much we want to imitate it.”

Tickets are $5 at the door with a portion of the money going toward Mission Waco.

“We don’t want people to pay five bucks for a 10 and a half minute Zing act,” said Nashville, Tenn., sophomore Clay Huddleston, who will be performing in the Zing act.

Zing is not just a comedy set; it’s a way for the members to give.

“We love Mission Waco, and we love our city,” said Waco sophomore Chase Wommack. “We want to give back.”

Through Zing, the members of Zeta Zigga Zamma want to display the purpose of their organization.

“We want to continue this environment of loving people ridiculously,” Greenwald said.