Letters: BU shouldn’t wear black

Whatever happened to the long-standing tradition of “That Good Old Baylor Line” where we are to “fling our green and gold afar as long as stars shall shine”?

Have the stars quit shining? Apparently so, for there was not even a hint of green or gold on the football uniforms at the 2013 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, only a hideous black which was one of the colors of the opposing team.

The University of Central Florida fans must have been delighted to see their colors on both teams. The UCF fans were also wearing black, which seemed to make the Baylor team part of their color scheme. I have a hunch that whoever made the decision to wear black uniforms was not a Baylor grad.

Please, either burn or bury those ugly black uniforms which should never appear on a BU team member whether it be football, basketball or any other BU sport. Let’s remember who we are and proudly “fling our green and gold afar.” And as we do so, let us congratulate the BU football team for an outstanding season.

Robert Lloyd
Class of 1943