BAA UPDATE: BAA rebuilds board, reorganizes

By Ada Zhang
Staff Writer

The Baylor Alumni Association appointed ten new BAA members to its board of directors at the meeting this past Saturday.

Chad Wooten, BAA interim executive vice president, said the new directors replaced those who had resigned from their positions.

It was a short meeting, Wooten said, the sole purpose of which was to appoint new BAA members.

The BAA board has been filling in membership positions since members resigned about a month ago.

Four officers stepped down, including president-elect Si Ragsdale, secretary Kyle Gilley, past president Elizabeth Coker, and BAA president Collin Cox. Nine other board members resigned as well.

“We’ve been focused on getting the board rebuilt,” he said. “This coming Saturday, we will finally get into the policy options.”

Wooten said no vote regarding the future of the BAA is currently scheduled and no vote is scheduled.

In the meantime, the BAA will continue discussing the various options available to the BAA moving forward, Wooten said.

The results of a survey sent to BAA members on Oct. 4 indicates that, of the 1,800 members who responded, 50 percent are in favor of reorganizing the BAA.

The survey asked members how they would like to proceed now that the BAA is no longer permitted to use the Baylor name.

Wooten said the board has not yet formally discussed these options.

“There’s a lot of work to be done and we’re just grinding through it at this point,” he said. “We’re just taking it one day at a time.”