BAA president resigns

Collin Cox (Courtesy Photo)
Collin Cox (Courtesy Photo)
By Ada Zhang
Staff writer

Baylor Alumni Association board members selected new officers Saturday, after BAA President Collin Cox, resigned on Oct. 10.

In a letter to Chad Wooten, BAA executive interim vice president, Cox said he cannot be a part of an organization that will possibly sue the university.

“The BAA Constitution, which we as officers swear to follow, uses phrases like ‘unity of purpose,’ ‘the best interest and support of the University,’ and ‘a genuine interest in Baylor’s welfare,” Cox said. “I cannot personally reconcile these promises, which I hold deeply, with any prospect of full-blown litigation against Baylor.”

Cox was not present at the Saturday meeting, Wooten said.

Other resignations included president-elect Si Ragsdale, secretary Kyle Gilley and past president Elizabeth Coker.

Wooten said having to select new officers adds another dimension of complication for the BAA.

“Thankfully, we’ve had some officers to step up and keep the ball up and keep running with it,” Wooten said.

After 30 minutes of nominating new officers, the meeting went into an executive session for an hour, Wooten said.

Wooten said he cannot disclose details, but the discussion was primarily focused on the various options the BAA has moving forward.

The BAA is going to meet more often, Wooten said.

The 90 days the university gave the BAA to stop using the Baylor trademark is coming to an end.

“We’re aware of deadline getting closer and closer that’s why we’re meeting weekly at this point,” Wooten said. “We’re going to have to make a decision quickly, and they’re tough decisions no doubt about it.”

The BAA board is not leaning more toward one option over another in regards to the future of the BAA, Wooten said.

“We haven’t gotten so far as to ask board members to vote, so it is hard to tell,” Wooten said. “Based on the survey, the membership is split.”

BAA board members are scheduled to meet again Thursday over a conference call where they will continue discussing future plans, Wooten said.