Baylor wins big for social media presence

By Claire Cameron

Baylor is ranked number 16 in the top 100 social media colleges in the United States according to, a Washington Post company.

Baylor is also the highest ranked university in the Big 12 with the University of Texas at Austin, the next Big 12 School, coming in at number 18.

Dean Tsouvalas, the editor-and-chief for Student Advisor, said, “The schools on the list use social media to give students insight into their culture and personality.”

According to, Baylor’s largest enrollment can be attributed to Baylor’s increasing participation in social media.

“We’re honored to be recognized again as a top university on social media,” said Lori Fogleman, Assistant Vice President for Media Communications. She said communicating with and engaging with Baylor Nation is a very important part of using social media.

Student Advisor cites Facebook and Pinterest as the top two social media websites used by Baylor students, alumni and faculty.

Carmenville, Ill., freshman Brett Nelson said he uses social media every day.

“I check Facebook about four or five times a day, I think social media is a normal part of my day,” he said.

Nelson said he thought Baylor’s success in football this year is part of the reason why Baylor had made it so high on the list.

“I think Baylor is really pro-active about social media concerning sports and the school I see it most on Facebook,” Nelson said.

Nelson said the social media site he visited the most was Facebook.

The rankings for schools are based off engagement across a wide variety of platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

The social media must reflect not only the quality of content found on official university Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts, but also the interest expressed by students and the public in general.

The number of comments, likes, retweets, repins and so forth given to Baylor’s posts, tweets, photos and pins are also taken into account when ranking colleges.

Nelson said, “I didn’t know about Baylor’s ranking, but I think that’s really cool I think Baylor should definitely use social media more often.”

According to Baylor’s social media page the Baylor community has been blowing up Facebook with nothing but news about Baylor and filling up Pinterest boards with all things Baylor.

This is the second time in three years that Baylor has been listed in the top 30 colleges for social media on

“I’m on social media about most of my day,” said Houston sophomore Ashley Nigrelle.

Nigrelle said even tough she checks in on social media sites more than once a day she only uses it frequently compared to students who use it constantly all day.

“I would say Instagram is the type of social media I use most often I think, posting pictures,” Nigrelle said.

Nigrelle said she thought Baylor was good about social media as well.

“I think Baylor is really good about interacting through social media, especially with Facebook and stuff,” she said. “I think Baylor is doing a great job with its social media.”

Baylor even has an entire section of the university’s website dedicated to social media and the various place students can find it.

Large icons of the various social media sites Baylor is a part of can be found on this website and one click will take the viewer to Baylor’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

San Diego senior Hayley Gibson said she was glad Baylor was ranked number 16 in the nation.

“I think Baylor has really stepped up it’s game with social media,” Gibson said “People uses it everyday especially college students, I’m glad Baylor is on the list.”