Honors College Game Tournament will happen tonight

By Claire Cameron


Spend the night reliving the past and take the chance to be a kid again with the fifth annual Board Game Tournament hosted by the Honors College.

The tournament will be held from 7-9 p.m. tonight in the Alexander Reading room.

The BIC leadership council organizes the tournament. Each team must have four to six people. Anyone is welcome to join and form a team as long as there is one student from the honors college on a team. To form a team students only need to register the night of the event and come up with a team name.

Food and drinks will be provided at the event and the winner of the tournament will win a gift card to Common Grounds.

Adam Moore, the BIC Leadership Council coordinator, said the game night was a fun way to take a break.

“It’s a great way to build community and relationships,” he said, “It’s held in part of the honors residential colleges and a lot of kids just wander down and start watching the other students play and they get involved and have a lot of fun.”

Portland sophomore Rachel Rose, who has been part of the tournament for the last two years and also helped plan the tournament, said she loves seeing all the people that come out to watch teams play.

“It’s a great way to take a break from studying and just come out and have fun, hang out with friends get some free pizza,” Rose said.

Rose said one of her favorite memories from last years tournament was when groups came up with crazy team names to represent themselves and a South Korean student, named his team Gangnam Style and then led the rest of his team in a performance of the entire Gangnam Style dance to celebrate winning the tournament.

“There’s always lectures and seminars and classes it’s nice to be able to have community and just a time to play and be free of responsibilities for a little while,” Moore said.

Rose said the tournament would have some classic games like Candyland, Scattagories, Sorry and even Twister.

“I love putting a team together and hanging out with my friends,” Rose said. “It’s a great time to be social and have some fun competition.”