Student Senate passed three bills, awaiting Board approval

Mopeds on Campus art Travis Taylor | Lariat Photo Editor
Mopeds on Campus art
Travis Taylor | Lariat Photo Editor
By Shelby Leonard and Claire Cameron

Senate members passed three bills Thursday that include having wi-fi in Baylor Stadium, creating parking spaces for mopeds and scooters and the increasing the number of staff members at Baylor who can help provide students with career opportunities.

The wi-fi bill would include enhancing mobile broadcast and wi-fi coverage during games and events in Baylor Stadium, said said Dallas junior Connor Mighell, campus improvements and affairs chair. The bill supports the Board of Regents’ proposition to install a number of telecommunication networks in the new Baylor Stadium.

AT&T installed the distributed antenna system network in Floyd Casey Stadium last year.

The Baylor Stadium Wi-Fi and Cellular Coverage Act favors installing the same network system in the new stadium along with other networks.

“It will improve the fan experience, allow for fan participation during the games and enhance the overall game day experience,” Mighell said.

Mighell said other events will be held at the stadium, and will benefit from installing additional Wi-Fi access.

According to research done by the student senate, there has been a large spike in the number of two-wheeled vehicles on campus the past few years. In response, the Moped/Motorcycle Parking Bill supports adding parking spots for mopeds and scooters on campus.

Additional areas specified for these vehicles will encourage students to keep mopeds and motorcyles out of car parking spaces and off of pedestrian walkways.

The bill mentions fifth Street, visitor parking spaces and small spaces on the ground floor of parking garages as potential areas for the implementation of this bill.

The Increasing Job Opportunities for Students Bill supports increased funding and staff for the Career Development-Employer Relations Department, San Antonio senior Grant Senter, academic affairs chair, said.

The bill states that, according to research, less than half of Baylor graduates have a job upon graduation.

“We are currently ranked 97th out of 124 by employers,” Senter said. “UT is ranked fourth. That is unacceptable. Career development is underfunded and understaffed.”

To improve this lack of job opportunities, the bill proposed hiring at least five additional staff members devoted to providing students with connections, opportunities and any other help they need to secure a job.

The bills will go to the Board of Regents to be further discussed and possibly implemented.