Pinbusters: Heisenburg’s Blue Sky Candy

BBmeth FTWBy Taylor Griffin
A&E Editor

Tread lightly: This recipe is almost as addicting as the stuff it spoofs.

With the series finale of “Breaking Bad” set for Sunday, “Heisenburg’s Blue Sky Candy” is the perfect way to nurse the imminent withdrawals following the show’s curtain call.

As an avid fan of this Emmy-hauling show, I jumped on the chance to craft or bake something inspired by it. After exploring the bowels of Pinterest, I discovered the perfect recipe to adequately honor this grungy drama: a sweet spoof of Walter White’s purest crystal meth.

While The Lariat certainly doesn’t condone substance abuse, this recipe is all in the spirit of fun and referencing a popular television show.

This Heisenburg-approved recipe is so easy, even Jesse couldn’t screw it up.

Heisenburg’s Blue Sky Candy

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What you’ll need
Granulated sugar
Light corn syrup
Blue gel food coloring
Colorless flavoring extract
Candy Thermometer
Cookie sheet lined with foil
Cooking Spray
Pastry brush

What to do
Spray the cookie sheet with cooking spray (only a little). In a saucepan, bring the water, sugar and corn syrup to a boil, stirring and wiping down the sides with the brush to prevent crystals. Bring to 285 degrees Fahrenheit and immediately pull off heat.

Mix the flavoring and one drop of coloring into the sugar. Pour onto the cookie sheet evenly. Wait until the candy has hardened (about 45 minutes). Using the mallet, crack the fresh batch of “ice” into pieces.

Final consensus
Although it’s a fairly simple recipe, I didn’t expect the candy to turn out so realistic. After a little research, I found that the first two seasons of the show featured rock candy supplied by a confectioner in Albuquerque­­ where the show is set and filmed.

The irony of the final steps in the recipe made me chuckle. The instructions say to pour and break up the candy just like Walter and Jesse finish their own batches of “the good stuff.”

I used coconut extract, and to make matters more tongue-in-cheek, I sprinkled my sweet treat meth on a dozen vanilla cupcakes.

While this recipe can be modified to fit any occasion or taste, this Blue Sky Candy is a quirky twist on an iconic prop.