Global Business Connect invites students

A few members of the GCC (global business connect) promote their group. Left to right are Sunkanmi Agbomeji, Pia Lawrence, Joy Lee and Long Match.
A few members of the GCC (global business connect) promote their group. Left to right are Sunkanmi Agbomeji, Pia Lawrence, Joy Lee and Long Match.

By Claire Cameron

Nigerian graduate student Sunkanmi Agbomeji came to Baylor last year and was thrown into a culture that was completely new to him, but by the end of his first semester he started Global Business Connect (GBC).

Global Business Connect is a group started by a few friends who had a desire to see Baylor become more globally minded and a way to connect students to the world.

Agbomeji said he was frustrated by the lack of programs that integrated both international and non-international students in the business department.

“We often find our passion from things we dislike,” Agbomeji said. “I wanted to start a group at Baylor that was business focused and global-minded.”

Agbomeji, who is now the president of the group, said he got a few of his graduate friends together and started the group. The program aims to bring together both international and non-international students. The group is also open to both graduate and undergraduate students and trains them to be more connected with the world.

Agbomeji said the organization offers students a way to connect globally with international internships as well as help establish connections all over the world.

“The GBC brings students from all across campus to connect with each other and broaden our understanding of global business,” Agbomeji said.

According to the groups constitution the organization hopes “to develop value-centered leaders that will impact the world of global business, through 1.) Academic and professional initiatives, and 2.) Connection among Baylor alumni and students interested in global business.”

Agbomeji said the organization would be celebrating its anniversary soon and although the organization is still small with about 20-30 active members, he hopes to see their numbers grow more this year.

Kennett junior Pia Lawrence is one of the original members of the organization. “We aim to facilitate connections between international and non-international students who love business,” Lawrence said.

According to Lawrence, nearly half of the organizations make-up is international students.

The group will host its first meeting of the year Thursday, Sept. 26, and is open to all students with an interest in the world of global business.

“One of our goals is to not only equip students, but have them give back once they graduate,” Agbomeji said.

Any student enrolled at Baylor is welcome to join Global Business Connect, but all members must maintain a cumulative minimum GPA of 2.75, demonstrate interest in the world of global business and a desire to advance the purpose and goals of the group.

The organization works closely with the Center for International Education and participates in various multi-cultural organizations within the Baylor community. Lawrence and Agbomeji both said they are looking forward to the upcoming year and getting more involved with Baylor. The group also participates in international week in November.

“We want to become more published and have a better presence on campus,” Lawrence said.

The Global Business connect focuses on being an active member in business all over the world.

“The world is not flat,” Agbomeji said. “We need to understand the world and be a part of it.”