Pinbusters: Apple Pie of Roses

By Taylor Griffin
A&E Editor

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet—that is, unless it’s in pie form.

What appeared to be a delightfully different variation to an American classic turned out to be an absolute embarrassment. The pin I found, Apple Pie of Roses, seemed like a doable recipe on the surface and even looked as tasty as it did too pretty to eat.

What a joke.

My bake ware has been soaking for a few days now to get rid of the sticky-sweet crust that burned permanently into my grandmother’s baking dish—a wedding gift to her 63 years ago, no less.

I had a sneaking suspicion it would turn out with less than stellar results. However, I never imagined the monstrosity that came out of my oven. That taste is something a person never forgets, for all the wrong reasons.

As an avid baker, I was ashamed to say I laid a hand on this pie. We live, we learn.

Apple Pie of Roses

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What went wrong
This pie was such a tease to make. First of all, the entire recipe is in the metric system, which then had to be converted into measurements I had in my kitchen. That alone should have been a sneak peek into what I was in for—a burned waste of three hours.

The dough for the crust never fully cooked, the cream poured over the apples remained as liquid as it did when it began and the apples turned out crispy and charred. It gave no specific amount of time it should bake, and after two hours in total roasting, the pie never amounted to anything more than a soupy disaster.

Final consensus
If I ever were to consider trying this recipe again, there would be too many additions and subtractions that I’m afraid it would be a completely different concoction.

For starters, I would completely remove the orange zest, as it took way too much away from perfectly tart apples.

Next, fine tuning the measurements would be a must, and playing around with the temperature would make the pie turn out decently. The sauce/cream that is poured over the apples needed something to thicken it up and not water up in the oven.

Overall, I strongly advise that this recipe be avoided at all costs. The easiest, affordable and probably the tastiest solution? Go to the nearest H.E.B. and buy a frozen apple pie: simple and idiot-proof.