Keep it electric, Baylor basketball

Baylor guard Deuce Bello (14) drives the lane against South Dakota State during the first half of an NCAA men’s college basketball tournament second-round game Thursday, March 15, 2012, in Albuquerque, N.M.
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By Greg DeVries

Sports Writer

When people think of Oregon football, they think about awesome uniforms. But Oregon’s uniforms do more than just look cool. High school football recruits want to play at Oregon because they know they will be wearing the nicest gear that Nike has to offer.

Last year, Adidas unveiled their “adizero” uniforms for three schools: Baylor University, the University of Louisville and the University of Cincinnati.

The uniforms were worn for postseason play, and the response was very positive.

Baylor’s electricity uniforms were 28 percent lighter in weight than the traditional uniforms.

Not only do the electricity uniforms give Baylor a slight competitive advantage, but they also look incredible.

This is why Baylor men’s basketball should switch to electricity uniforms full time.

Baylor men’s basketball can be what Oregon is to football. Recruits will want to play for Baylor; they know they are getting top-of-the-line equipment that looks sexy.

Electricity uniforms will also help grow Baylor’s fan base. Green and gold Baylor shirts are great, but many people that don’t go to school here will only buy a Baylor shirt if it looks nice. You know which shirts look cool? Baylor electricity shirts.

These have only been around for a limited time, and many students already wear them around campus and to games.

All of the sudden, people across the country notice Baylor because the men’s basketball team regularly wears uniforms that raise an eyebrow.

Baylor has only had two home games so far this season, but if you went to the games, you know that the player introductions played off of the electricity uniforms.

All of the lights in the arena turned off, and the screens turn neon green.

It looks great. It’s as if I were just sucked into my Xbox.

Then the team takes the court in the traditional white uniforms. It’s kind of a letdown because you expect such righteous colors to stay around, but they all go away once the referees are ready to toss the opening tip.

Adidas would also back the decision to switch to their “adizero” uniforms.

It helps with Adidas’ exposure in the basketball market. It also helps give Adidas the “in style” label that Nike gets from the Oregon Ducks.

The switch to electric uniforms should be coupled with some changes at the Ferrell Center.

Black sidelines with glow-in-the-dark neon paint that say, “Baylor Bold” would attract more five-star recruits than the basketball team has scholarships.

Paint the seats black and encourage students to wear electric tee-shirts. Other schools do it, but Baylor would do it better because the Bears have better colors.

Last year when Baylor played Texas at the Ferrell Center, Baylor had a neon shirt giveaway. That game was one of four times that the attendance went over 10,000 last season.

That game was televised on CBS, and once everyone changed into their electricity shirts, the arena buzzed with excitement.

It also got people talking about Baylor’s association with different, more exciting colors.

That buzz can happen at every game.

Electricity can be Baylor’s thing.

People will probably attend games in great numbers if we have a sleek arena that rings with the electric color scheme.