Fact and ficton of sex trade to be discussed after ‘Taken’ screening

By Jessica Chia

Interested in big movies and bigger problems?

The 2008 film “Taken” will be shown at 7 p.m. today in the Bill Daniel Student Center Den. Following the film, Baylor’s International Justice Mission chapter leaders will facilitate a discussion about sex-trade myths presented in the film.

“Taken” stars Liam Neeson as a former CIA agent who must rescue his daughter who was abducted while on vacation in Paris and sold into prostitution.

“We want to talk about what is true, because a lot of it is, and what might not be 100 percent true and talking about the realities of it,” said Baylor International Justice Mission publicity officer and Harlan, Iowa sophomore Ellen Klitgaard.

Baylor International Justice Mission is a student organization committed to combating forms of violent oppression through prayer, advocacy and raising awareness and funds that support victims of oppression.

“Sex trafficking is one of our cornerstone issues at Baylor IJM. We focus on a different type of oppression every month,” Klitgaard said. “September is sex trafficking.”

Although Septermber is ending, Klitgaard said she thought the movie might foster debate beyond the International Justice Mission chapter.

“We thought it would be a good event to wrap it up for our members, but also to open it up to the campus and get other people involved in what we’re talking about,” Klitgaard said.

The screening is open to all students and there is no cost to attend.