Rapp wins election for student body president

Treadaway and Kim win EVP and IVP posts

After a long day of Diadeloso festivities on Thursday, Kelly Rapp, Briana Treadaway and Brian Kim are elected student body president, external vice president and internal vice president, respectively.
Matt Hellman | Lariat Photo Editor

By Rob Bradfield
Staff Writer

The students have spoken and Baylor has three new officers in next year’s student government.

Kelly Rapp beat out Tyler Tribble and Nick Pokorny for the office of student body president, Briana Treadaway won the office of external vice president over Raechel Adams and Brian Kim won the uncontested position of internal vice president.

The results were announced Thursday afternoon during the Diadeloso festivities at Fountain Mall.

Rapp won the election with 1,080 of the 2,093 votes — more than Tribble and Pokorny combined and more than enough for a majority.

Rapp said his administration will follow closely in the footsteps of outgoing president Zach Rogers.

Priorities for his administration include creating a student position on the Board of Regents, bringing more prominent speakers to campus and improving student safety.

“I want to improve sidewalks, lighting and roads if we can,” Rapp said.

Once in office, Rapp says, he will focus on encouraging development in the neighborhoods around Baylor. He says this will make them safer than having security guards at less cost to the university.

Briana Treadaway earned 1,144 votes in the election for external vice president, beating Adams by 322 votes.

As the external vice president, Treadaway has said she plans on working to build relationships with Baylor alumni to encourage more reinvestment in the university and increase available funds.

Treadaway also plans on increasing programs like Passport to Waco that help students get acquainted with areas outside the Baylor Bubble.

“I plan to start day one with an expanded version of Passport to Waco,” Treadaway said.

Brian Kim returned after losing the 2011 race for internal vice president.

Kim ran unopposed this year but still earned 1,806 votes. Kim hasn’t had an opponent for the duration of the race, but still ran an active campaign.

Part of his platform was to involve more students in the legislative process, and Kim’s campaign was actively involved with the student body.

“I think we’ve lacked student opinion in the past, which is why we constantly need to work on getting more,” Kim said.

Rapp, Treadaway and Kim take office on the first day of the summer sessions and serve through May 2013.