Music, models run second Project Greenway contest

Correction: Team “Krista Stephens” consists only of Krista Stephens, and not also Corpus Christi junior Johnnie Flores and Rowlett junior Jade Smith.

Fans cheer on as Omari Williams and Victoria Felton, the two models from the winning team, meet with fans from the audience at Project Greenway.
David Li | Lariat Photographer
Brothers Jacob and Michael Agnew perform with their band Fifth & Fite. The band, along with Trannie Stevens, played a cover of the popular hit song by Fun., “We Are Young.”
David Li | Lariat Photographer

By Candy Rendon

Fifth and Fite, along with fellow Uproar Records artists O, Loveland and Trannie Stevens, performed Thursday for Baylor’s second annual Project Greenway fashion show.

Back for its second year, the event encourages students to reuse trash instead of throwing it away.

Four teams competed for a $500 cash prize.

The teams varied in fashion influences, and the runway pieces showcased each group’s unique qualities.

Team “Greensleeves” participants were Henderson, Nev. junior Hannah Prochaska, Bay City junior Victoria Felton, Cypress sophomore Alexis German, Lebanon, Ore. junior Sydney Noh and League City sophomore Omari Williams.

Highlights from the live blog

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By Adenola Adepetun, Rob Bradfield and Jamie Lim
Contributor, Staff Writer and Reporter

1. Clark and Amy ( O Loveland) amazing vocals.. they are in sync

2. Aaaaaand Now The Banjo’s Come OUT

3. There is a girl on the roof… cool?

4. its like, Spoken Word, meets semi har metal, meets Folk

5. her favorite thing she used in her design is the sleeves from Starbucks cups. she worked there for a while, and she also used book pages in tribute to her being a history major

6. i like this song… low-key expecting eminem to burst out of nowhere though

7. The rapper is wearing cut off teal blue jeans, which are in this season! I just wasn’t aware that guys were wearing them -work it!

8. wow the models are all kinds of fierce, working the runway

9. the dragon was made of gum wrappers and coke tabs

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Prochaska said her team’s two pieces were inspired by vintage styles that she feels are making a comeback.

“The woman’s piece reflects 19th century corset designs,” Prochska said.

The skirt was made of coffee stained newspapers and plastic wrap and two shaped ornaments adorn the dress piece with melted plastic spoons.

Team “Greensleeves” said the men’s piece closely resembled a space jump suit made of plastic sheets and red repurposed T-shirt overalls. Beneath the suit, an underlining sheet of fabric made of newspapers had been sewn together with recycled red thread. The lapels were made of fine plastic wrap, and the boutonniere was made of plastic spoons.

Team “Krista Stephens” consisted of Rockdale senior Krista Stephens.

They all worked on a dress made of coffee cup ingredients and novel pages.

“I worked at Starbucks for three years, and so I really wanted to show how that influenced me,” Stephens said.

She said she wanted to make her interests apparent to viewers and that her incorporating personal things with the design was important.

“I love Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol,’ and I used ripped out pages of a used copy to add some flair to the skirt,” Stephens said.

Keller senior Logan Scandling and Scandia, Kan. sophomore Ashley Gross, an apparel student, designers from “Green with Envy,” found inspiration in a Lewis Carroll novel.

Scanling said the piece can be traced back to “Alice in Wonderland” details.

“The Queen of Hearts is obvious with all the playing cards and colors,” Scandling said.

The dress has a sharp hourglass shape. The skirt is shaped like an umbrella with its and the top is crafted from black plastic binder with a binder ring necklace.

“I really think our most unique aspect design was the pattern created with the playing cards,” Gross said.

Lastly, team “Eco Oso” consisted of Sugar Land senior Caleb Thompson, junior Dannie Dinh and Leander graduate student Michael Hannon.

Thompson said the inspiration for one male design was the body and image of an Asian dragon.

“We used really bizarre material to make our design,” Thompson said. “Gum wrappers and Coke tabs were adorned to the back of the jacket to make the shape of a dragon.”

“It definitely has a grunge-edge to it,” Dinh said.

Team “Green with Envy” won in third place, Team “Krista Stephens” won in second place, and Team “Greensleeves” won first place for Uproar Record’s second annual Project Greenway.

When the results came in, the winning team expressed their joy.

“We had won the first place prize last year, and our expectations were low. It was definitely a lot of fun,” Team “Greensleeves” lead designer Prochaska said.