Win or lose, Baylor basketball sticks to its motto

by Tyler Alley
Sports Editor

One Team. One God. One Goal.

Baylor donned warmup shirts for both games with these words on the front, but the saying actually comes from before the Big 12 tournament.

“It’s one of their saying when they break the huddle so we just made a T-shirt for them,” head coach Scott Drew said.

Freshman Quincy Miller started using the saying during huddles in pregame and practices, according to his teammates. Acy said the team responded well to it.

“It represents us well,” senior Quincy Acy said. “We all have a team mindset. We give God all the glory. We have one goal right now and that’s to win a national championship. We all bought into it, and the coaches noticed that so they made us a shirt.”

Miller said he feels like the saying really symbolizes the outlook of the team.

“I just think it fits us as a team,” Miller said. “One team: we all together, we’re a family. One God: We pray to one Lord. We always give glory to God. One goal: we have one goal from the beginning of the season, and we’re not going to stop until we get it.”

When asked if there was any blow-back from the NCAA concerning the shirts, Drew said there was not.

Sophomore Perry Jones III said Miller gets the team going before using the motto as a chant.

“He says it and we repeat it,” Jones III said. “He says, ‘One team.’ ‘One team.’ ‘One God.’ ‘One God.’ ‘One goal.’ ‘One goal.’ He says it over and over and over again. And then we he’s finally done, he screams and then we all scream. We say we’re doing this for God and then we run out.”