Sports Take: Tebow to Jets spells big mistake for all involved

By Krista Pirtle
Sports Writer

I thought the initial tweet about quarterback Tim Tebow’s trade to the New York Jets was a joke.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are on the verge of relocation if they do not up attendance. Empty seats are a result of no-namers under center, Chad Henne and Blaine Gabbert.

So how could this 5-11 team get fans in the stands? Oh, I don’t know, bring in a quarterback who is a native of Jacksonville…

Tebowmania would surely take the tarps off the barren seats, but the Jags were not willing to trade a third-round draft pick.

But fourth- and sixth-round picks were enough to solidify a deal for the Jets, who recently extended the contract of Mark Sanchez for three years.

However, Tebow as a specialty player caught the attention of New York, especially head coach Rex Ryan and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano.

Sparano introduced the Wildcat offense to the NFL as coach of the Miami Dolphins, a play Tebow repeatedly finds success in.

Ryan, a defensive-minded head coach, looks to return to the ground and pound style of play offensively, running the ball to better control the clock. When Sanchez runs the ball, it looks like he would rather be doing anything else in the world than sprinting downfield.

While Tebow would not start for the Jets, New York sees his addition to the roster as an aid to its organization off the field.

The primary focus is in the locker room, a lofty ambition for Tebow to resolve in a single season.

The second is to compete for publicity with in-town rivals and Super Bowl champs New York Giants. What a joke.

First off, a Heisman trophy winner and first round draft pick who turned a program around gets traded for a fourth round pick?

I don’t think so.

During his short time on the trading block, Bronco’s vice president of football operations John Elway said he wanted Tebow in the best situation to have success.

Then why did he not provide that last season for his quarterback? Sure, you could argue his passing efficiency is not impressive or that he is not very effective in the pocket.

But, as a playmaker and leader, he does more than he gets credit for. Plus, bringing him in possibly won’t be good for Sanchez, who did not play well last season. At all.

With a guy like Tebow behind him on the depth chart, the pressure could send him to the bench and Tebow to the field.

Neither quarterback is strong flinging the ball, failing to complete more than 55 percent of their passes.

This could be the long route of getting rid of Sanchez for the Jets. They could have sent him out for free agency but instead decided on a multi-million dollar contract extension.

However, the Jets seem set at the quarterback position so the trade for Tebow is absurd. It seems the only instant improvement the Jets will have will be in the tabloids.