Viewpoint: We geeks will rule the world

By Candy Rendon

Admit it, you’re a geek. You let loose a giggle of superiority and slide your thickly rimmed glasses from the tip of your nose up to your eyes every time you see the noob attempting his first file backup on an external hard drive. It’s all right; he’ll get it eventually.

But back to us. We geeks are going to helm this analogical ship of wacky nerd festivities to victory and take dominance over this place called Earth.

In the past being a geek wasn’t a choice; it was a calling. You either were one of the cool kids because you played sports or you didn’t play sports and weren’t cool. Instead of playing the forward on the basketball team, your weekends were spent at your best friends house making crappy movies on a cheap JVC camcorder and playing Star Wars pod racing on a somewhat working Nintendo 64.

“Hey Ma, are the bagel bites ready?”

Am I right? But that was then, when I chose the red pill and went down the rabbit hole of geeky fate. Now, however, the times have changed, and I realize that I am not alone. Our geeky numbers are growing. The nerdy days are coming. Thank heavens I’m on the geeks’ side.

We, as a subspecies, nerdius geektoidon (don’t quote me on that) are following the same suit as those crazy chimps from “Planet of the Apes.” Everyday we get smarter, and our population increases. Being geeky is now something similar to being cool.

The pocket protectors and plaid button ups are in, and Converse is out again out on the streets.

More people are out playing Dungeons & Dragons or going to the comic book store to find that once lost issue of Uncanny X-men missing at home. Friends are getting together to watch Adam West Batman episode marathons with cups of Ramen noodles by their computer monitors.

More and more people are learning to build their own computers and blog about their experiences (Wil Wheaton, we salute you). The whole way social networking is changing is in large part due to the geeks and nerds.

But what’s not to love? The graphic novels, sci-fi movies, gadgets, motherboards and endless piles of video games scattered across our desks and shelves define who we are, right? That Cheetos dust caked on our fingertips is attractive, right?

Should we be embarrassed about it? Maybe the Cheetos dust. We enjoy being consumed by our endless arrays of flickering fluorescent lights and LED monitors, as should any geek. We slouch in our beanbag chairs and squint our eyes through broken frames and smile for being geeky nerd people.

How will we take over the world? It’s simple. We are obsessive compulsive about everything. From dressing our iPhones to dressing ourselves, every detail has to fall under our strict mental handbooks for things. It doesn’t help that our favorite movies are “The Matrix” and “Dark City.”

We are constantly surrounding ourselves with geeky things, because in our own perspectives, we don’t see them as being “geeky.”

We see them as the real-life version of video-gaming’s downloadable content, constantly adding to this role-playing game we call life.

I am begging you guys and gals alike to get away from that so-called gorgeous sun you love so much and get indoors where it’s safe. Put on your geeky side, or fall by the wayside to the inevitable victors in this battle for supremacy: the geeks.

Candy Rendon is a film and digital media major from McGregor and is a reporter for the Lariat.