Library love story contest honors St. Valentine’s Day

By Mallory Hisler

Love is the word of the moment at the Armstrong Browning Library.

The library is hosting a love story contest as a tie-in to its annual Valentine’s Day Extravaganza, which will be Feb. 11 in the McLean Foyer of Meditation, located in the back of the Armstrong Browning Library.

Carl Flynn, director of marketing and communications for university libraries, said the libraries are “pretty excited about the Valentine’s events” and will be busy with such events in the coming months.

The official name of this contest, “How do you love thee?”, is a play off of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnet 43, “How Do I Love Thee?”

“The Baylor Libraries ask you to ‘count the ways’ you love that special person in your life by submitting a photo of yourself with your significant other, along with a short personal love story,” the contest website states.

Although it is a love story contest, it is not strictly limited to romantic couples.

“It can be a love story of a couple, or a best friend could even work,” said Alison Pruett, a digital media and communications specialist for libraries and ITS, who is in charge of the competition.

To enter, contestants must submit a photograph along with a story of no more than 200 words describing their love and relationship by email to

“It doesn’t have to be anything fancy,” Pruett said.

“Just something that they can type up in class.”

Prizes awarded for stories winning first through third place will include a photo shoot of the winners at Armstrong Browning Library that comes with 50 digital images and four prints.

They will also include a couple’s ticket to the Valentine’s Day Extravaganza which by itself is valued at $50. The contest, which started on Jan. 17 and runs until Friday, is a completely digital event. Although the contest is hosted through the library, it is not just for Baylor students.

“Baylor Students, faculty and staff, and the community are encouraged to enter the contest,” Pruett said. “The only individuals not eligible for prizes are Baylor libraries faculty and staff members, their spouses and library student workers.”

Pruett said the Waco community is also invited to join in on the competition. “We are hoping to get a lot of entries,” Pruett said. “It’s a really fun way to get to honor your loved ones.”

For more information, and to see how the contest will be judged, visit the contest website at