Contest ongoing to select student photography for SUB

By Matt Hellman
Photo Editor

For the first time, Baylor students may enter an open photography contest in which the winning pictures will be enlarged and displayed in the Bill Daniel Student Center Den.

The SUB currently features art from various university organizations in the dining area and upper levels of the building following renovations during summer 2011.

“We thought it would be an exciting opportunity for students to show their photography talent,” said Keith Frazee, assistant director of campus programs. “In the dining area of the SUB we added photos from the BU Photography office. For the den, we thought, ‘Let’s get the students involved.’”

According to its website, the contest is being held to select the six best pictures that capture the day-to-day activities of students both on- and off-campus. The contest, which began Dec. 13, will continue until Jan. 27.

“Potentially, there is room for an annual contest,” said Jordy Dickey, assistant director for the student union. “We love student art, and we want to make sure that we are staying relevant and rotating it out so it is not always the same art.”

Frazee said the criteria for judging the pictures is intended to be broad enough to cover any aspect of student life, including participating in clubs, groups, sporting events or even day to day activities.

“The contest has received quite a few entries already and I think it will get a lot more before it ends. At least, we hope it will,” Frazee said.

“The main part of the judging will take place by the Student Productions Committee who will be narrowing down the entries into the finals category,” he added.

Pictures chosen for the final round of the competition will be posted on the Campus Programs Facebook page on Jan. 30. Anyone may vote by “Liking” their favorites.

Once the pictures are posted, voting will take place until Feb. 3.

“Our hope is that people will feel encouraged to submit photography,” Dickey said, “We just want students to really feel like they have an opportunity to shine. Don’t hold back. Participate. Having students make their mark in the Student Union Building is really important to us. This contest opens the door to start that process.”

Rules, specifications and other contest details can be viewed by clicking on the link to the online contest entry submission form on the Baylor Student Productions website at