I-35 10-car accident near Baylor caused by 18-wheeler

By Jade Mardirosian
Staff Writer

A 10-car wreck was caused after an 18-wheeler stopped in the middle of the northbound side of I-35 near the Forrest St. exit on Tuesday morning.

According to News Channel 25, the driver of the 18-wheeler stopped after realizing the oversized load he was pulling would not make it under an overpass and began to reverse, which caused the vehicles behind him to collide.

Two people involved in the accident were taken to a local hospital but were reported to not have any serious injuries.

According to a Department of Public Safety spokesperson, the driver was assigned to a specific route through Loop 340, but differed from that route, instead taking I-35.

News Channel 25 said trucking companies are currently using new automated systems through TxDOT, called TXPROS, that fill in information about the truck including load size, weight, and height which is then factored into a step by step directions for the driver.

According to News Channel 25, the driver of the 18-wheeler that caused the accident is under investigation by the Texas Department of Public Safety for numerous traffic and vehicle violations.