Baylor alumnus pursues congressional dream


Graduate to run in Florida general election

By Anna Flagg

Ever since Baylor alumnus Michael Hull was young, he has wanted to be a politician. He is now working toward making this wish a reality by running for Congress.

At age 36, Hull, a 2009 graduate, has dabbled in many careers, including the Air Force, semi-professional hockey and professional boxing, where he received his nickname “Prince.”

The husband and father said he is ready to move on to his next dream. He is running for the congressional seat in the 10th District, Pinellas County, Fla., against long-time Republican Rep. and Bill Young. Young has held the seat for more than four decades, but Hull, a libertarian, said he is ready for the challenge in the 2012 general election.

“I felt like this was as good of an opportunity as any to start getting involved in politics,” Hull said. “A lot of people are saying it is time for a change in this district.”

Hull’s American constitutional development professor at Baylor, Dr. James Curry, said Hull used to come by his office to discuss a wide range of political issues, and often told him he wanted to run for office someday.

“Michael will work very hard as a candidate, so I think voters will certainly understand that they have a choice in the election,” Curry said.

“It is normally very hard for a third-party candidate to defeat an incumbent from one of the major parties, but Michael will not make it easy on Representative Young.”

Two main foundations of Hull’s platform include the economy and unemployment.

He said he is tired of politicians finding it too difficult to follow the Constitution that America was founded upon, and that the government has drifted from serving the people.

“I want to help get things back to the way they were meant to be,” Hull said.

“If it doesn’t specifically say it in the Constitution, the government has no right to imply it.”

When Hull entered the Air Force in 2001, he took an oath that he would support the Constitution against all odds.

And even after being out of the military, he wants to live out that oath and help fight for the constitutional rights of America’s citizens.

“I am one of the people and I will stand up and fight for all of the people,” Hull said.

For his campaign, he wants to promote his name by participating in activities alongside the people he wants to serve.

Some of these community events include a Lou Gehrig’s disease bike ride to raise money for patient care and research to find a cure, setting up a peace festival to help promote unity and a charity golf tournament.

Hull wants to gain the support of veterans and the libertarian party through fighting for the people instead of simply talking about what he can do for them.

Volunteers have already sprung up, willing to help Hull with his campaign.

According to Hull’s candidacy press release, Pinellas County Libertarian Party Chairman Greg Bowen said that the local libertarians are ready for the task.

“We have a small army of volunteers ready to make phone calls and go door-to-door in a true, grass-roots initiative,” Bowen said.

Hull said that he is focusing on face-to-face campaigning and attending events.

“The Tampa area has the largest concentration of veterans in the nation, so being a veteran myself has helped me gain support already,” Hull said.

The election will take place on Nov. 6, 2012.