Baylor grads join family business

By Anna Flagg

Baylor graduates Chris and Nate Naramor, Pepperdine graduate Matt Naramor and their father, Dan, prove that success can run in the family. Their company, Graslon, manufactures and sells unique and innovative camera accessories in Chino, Calif.

Dan worked in the manufacturing business, and enjoyed photography as a hobby before starting his business. His interest in photography grew, and he obtained experience by teaching himself and shooting events. His two interests collided when he began to conceptualize an idea for a new type of portable flash diffuser. He then asked his sons to be a part of his new business venture.

Graslon now sells two diffusers to create high-quality lighting. The Graslon flash diffusers use a series of mirrors that enlarge the light source before sending it through a diffusing lens.

“Studios have big umbrellas and other large products in order to make the light more effective,” Chris said, “but our product is mounted onto the flash so you can have portable soft lighting anywhere, without the hassle.”

Graslon’s professional diffusers, the Prodigy and the Insight, differ in size and come in a flat version and a dome version. The flat version is more directional and the dome version spreads out the light.

The company is also currently introducing the Spark, for digital single-lens reflex cameras. It is for amateur photographers who want their pictures to be have better lighting.

Kickstarter, a website that helps fund creativity and allows users to test concepts risk free, is marketing and selling the Spark. Users can back projects and donate as much as they would like. Graslon said he hopes to raise $5,000 by Sept. 26. If users donate $29, they receive the product free of shipping, but only if the $5,000 mark is reached. The campaign’s website said the project is only successful if enough funds are given by customers to pay for the Spark.

“Through Kickstarter, we are able to raise capital before the product is even sold, and customers will be able to pre-order our product and get it at a lower price,” Chris said. “So far, 47 percent of our goal has been reached.”

Graslon’s products are sold through their website as well as through about 70 dealers. Products are promoted through social media and photography shows.

Dan said he is thankful to work with his sons and see their success firsthand.

“I have always been a ‘proud papa,’ but that has taken on a much deeper meaning as we work together on a daily basis,” Dan said.