Old and New

The drum line, a crowd favorite, performs as part of the 2011 Traditions Rally on Thursday night. Traditions Rally is an annual event that helps welcome freshmen to campus and serves as a pep rally for the first football game of the season. Baylor takes on the Horned Frogs at 7 p.m. today at Floyd Casey Stadium.
Ambika Singh | Lariat Photographer
Wade Bowen, a Texas country artist, performs on Fountain Mall as part of Traditions Rally. Delta Tau Delta brought Bowen and his band to Baylor.
Matt Hellman | Lariat Photo Editor

By David McLain
Staff Writer

Hundreds of freshmen united in voice with the spirit squad and the Golden Wave Marching Band ushered in the beginning of the Baylor Bear’s football season.

The shouts and cheers from the stage and a crowd full of yellow line jerseys marked the annual Traditions Rally celebrating the football home opener. Students visited the different Greek booths set up close to Moody Memorial Library on the recently finished Fountain Mall, while others sat in groups closer to the stage enjoying the evening as the sun sank below the trees.

“I’m really feeling the college atmosphere with the band and everything,” Jay Gebhardt, Aledo freshman said.

President Ken Starr congratulated the band, the spirit squad and the Greek societies for their many years on campus.

He was followed by a member of the spirit squad, who refreshed the class of 2015 on the wide variety of Baylor cheers in preparation for the game against TCU.

The evening was full of both food and information from the various Greek booths across the green lawn. Four grills were set up across Fountain Mall giving out free barbeque.

For freshman Matthew Riley, the free food is what brought him out to the night’s festivities.

“You have to take it when you can get it,” Riley said.

There was even a pair of upperclassmen swing dancing to Wade Bowen, a Texas Country artist.

“I was this close to going to Baylor,” Bowen said from the stage. “I can sing that Good Ole Baylor line as good as any of y’all.”

Bowen grew up in Waco and was brought in to perform at the event by Delta Tau Delta.