CityStreaking competition comes to Waco Sept. 10

By Anna Flagg

CityStreak, a local “Amazing Race”-style adventure created by recent Baylor grads Carter Hopkins and Daniel Goldstein, is coming to Waco on Sept. 10.

Teams of two to four pay $5 per person to compete, fully clothed, in various challenges for anywhere from $300 to $1,000 in prizes.

At the beginning of the race, streakers receive clues and tasks that lead them around their cities. These tasks can range from anything like singing a 1990s boy band song to a complete stranger or yelling in the middle of a restaurant, “I’m going streaking!”

Making memories with your friends, getting to know your city and the opportunity to get a little bit richer are all part of the streaking experience.

“The core of the business is to get people to experience things they wouldn’t experience on a normal basis,” Goldstein said. “We get to create fun for a living.”

The first streak was on May 7 in Nashville, where the company was founded. Since then, there have been multiple streaks in Nashville as well as in Chicago.

Each streak is designed differently than the one before, so it is a new adventure each time.

CityStreak will come to Austin, Dallas, Houston and College Station in the near future.

Before CityStreak, Hopkins worked for a homebuilder in Nashville and Goldstein worked for Chick-fil-A in franchise development.

When Goldstein moved to Nashville, the two friends decided to try to figure out something they could be passionate and successful in together.

“We sat down at Starbucks and wrote down our passions on a sheet of paper,” Hopkins said. “We then tried to figure out how to form a business based on what we are passionate about, and that’s how we came up with CityStreak.”

They decided to take a risk and leave stable jobs in order to pursue their dreams, and have found success in their own way.

“We are young, single and have no family to provide for,” Goldstein said. “We can eat PB&J and Ramen Noodles if we have to. The risk for us was low, so we decided to go for it.”

Carter advises young entrepreneurs to start a business while they are still in college.

“You have so many incredibly talented people surrounding you and a ton of time on your hands that you can do big things,” Carter said.

CityStreak has 11 interns in different cities in order to help plan and run the streaks.

Michael Goldstein, brother of Daniel Goldstein, is the media director as well as the director for Waco. He has worked to get the word out through social media as well as find sponsors and plan Waco’s first streak.

“I love scavenger hunts. I always have. It is a dream of mine to be on ‘The Amazing Race,’ but I understand the odds are quite slim,” he said. “With CityStreak, I get to plan ‘Amazing Race’-style activities and feel like I am a part of that.”

Visit to register for CityStreak’s debut in Waco.