Taylor’s film serves as great escape from summer blockbusters

By Sarah George

With a summer box office overrun by superhero and action movies, “The Help” might not seem like a go-to flick for a Friday night. It definitely should be, however. While Emma Stone (who recently starred in “Crazy, Stupid, Love”), Viola Davis (who was nominated for best supporting actress for her performance in the film “Doubt”), and Octavia Spencer (who is probably best known for her role on ABC’s sitcom “Ugly Betty”) may not look like the average heroines, their character portrayals in “The Help” give audiences a new definition of courage.

In addition to an exceptional script and competent direction, Tate Taylor’s first film shines with its stunning production design, thorough costume and location, as well as its attention to historical detail. While there might not be explosions or fight scenes, Aibileen draws viewers in through her narration and storytelling. The interactions between the characters keep the audience thoroughly entertained, especially through Minny’s “Terrible Awful”.

Before any male readers write “The Help” off, I’d like to claim that this movie is NOT a “chick flick.” While the director could have translated more of the romance in Skeeter and Stewart’s relationship from the novel, he chose not to. By doing this, “The Help” gave the audience more with feelings of suspense than it did warm-and-fuzzies.

After a humorous and emotional ride with Minny, Skeeter and Aibileen, “The Help” leaves audience with a sense of hope for the characters and their community, as well as a few tears in their eyes.

Editor’s Note: Sarah George is from San Antonio and is a film and digital media major. We will be periodically including her comments on film in addition to our feature reviews in order to gather the film student perspective. As with any review in The Baylor Lariat, her reviews represent her views only and do not necessarily represent the views of the rest of the Lariat staff. Please send your comments and suggestions to lariat@baylor.edu.