Runoff to determine president, IVP


By James Stockton

A runoff Tuesday will determine both the student body president and internal vice president elections.

Houston juniors Zach Rogers and Ben Aguinaga will continue to campaign for the office of student body president.

“I think it’s another opportunity to continue campaigning and to maintain votes and to also get more votes,” Rogers said.

He added that he plans on reassuring voters that he is the best candidate for the job.

Aguinaga echoed the same sentiment in his plans for the runoff.

“We’re obviously going to try to reach out to those who did vote and also those who didn’t,” Aguinaga said.

The office of internal vice president will also continue to be fought for as neither Falls City junior Michael Lyssy or Houston sophomore Brian Kim could secure a majority of the votes, with Lyssy garnering 41 percent of the vote and Kim receiving 30 percent.

“I think everyone did great in this race,” Kim said. “The next three days I’m really going to push hard.”

Kim wasn’t the only one who thought that all the candidates ran a good, clean race.

“I think it was a pretty clean election,” Lyssy said. “I hope that everyone turns out to vote on Tuesday.”

The only student body officer position filled yesterday was that of external vice president as Corpus Christi junior Angela Gray won with 79 percent of the vote.

In addition to the student body officers elections, each class, except the freshmen, voted for new class officers. The freshmen class elections are held in the fall.

Permanent class officers include Amber Como as president, Ashley Thomas as vice president and Jacob Voncannon as secretary-treasurer.

The new senior class president is Paul Warren. The senior senators include Alex Gray, Allison Temnick, Gabby Garrett, Shaun Wysong, Jake Lane, Daniel Cervera, Chandler Lucius and Randall Holoman.

Newly elected junior class president Briana Treadaway will be working with vice president Rafael Diaz. The junior senators are Blessing Amune, James Mai, Celeste Russell, Cody T. Orr, Nick Pokorny, Silvia Ogo Nweze, Miriam Hobma, George Parfet Bachman II, Greg Torres and Michelle Singleton.

Finally, the sophomore class elected Raechel Adams as its president. Working with Adams will be newly elected vice president Abby Scheller and secretary-treasurer Haley Davis. Sophomore class senators include Daniel Lin, Azeem Malik, Caitlyn Henckel, Lexington Holt, Thomas Damrow, Dresden Hasala-Shooks, Jacob Moran, Joshua Foster, Kirby Garrett, Paul Sclaudraff, Wesley Hodges and Ellie Garcia.