Student publications earn 75 awards

This version corrects that Baylor’s student publications won 75 awards, not 72, and includes the awards below.

Baylor student publications won big this past weekend at the 2011 Texas Intercollegiate Press Association conference, where the Baylor Lariat, Round Up yearbook and Focus magazine came home with 75 awards combined.


On-site awards (7):

First Place — Headline Writing, Chris Derrett
First Place — Copy Editing, Carmen Galvan
Second Place — Critical Review, Jessica Acklen
Second Place — Yearbook Design, Jenna DeWitt
Second Place — Sports Reporting, Chris Derrett
Third Place — News Photo, Nick Berryman
Third Place — PR Crisis Management, Carmen Galvan

Lariat (32)

First Place — In-Depth Reporting (Generation Y)
First Place — Feature Photo, Makenzie Mason (Listening)
First Place — News Feature Story, Sara Tirrito (Hero builds)
First Place — Sports Page Design, Chris Derrett (Texas Bowl)
First Place — Best Blog, Nick Dean (Election Day 2010)
First Place — Best Online Interactivity

Second Place — Best of Show, Lariat
Second Place — News Story, Lariat Staff (UT campus chase)
Second Place — Feature Story, Wakeelah Crutison (Best Gifts)
Second Place — Critical Review, Cara Leigh (Life As We Know It)
Second Place — Picture Story: Stephen Green, Matt Hellman, Makenzie Mason, Amy Heard
Second Place — Editorial Cartoon, Claire Taylor (NFL brain scan)
Second Place — Best Video Package, Jordan Bradley (Prescribed Burn)
Second Place — Best Online Community Engagement

Third Place — Page One Design, Nick Dean (Bowl Game)
Third Place —Headline Writing, Nick Dean (Drive now, txt l8r. Thx.)
Third Place — Special Section/Edition (Generation Y)
Third Place — Photo Illustration, Daniel Cernero & Nick Dean (Have you seen me?)
Third Place — Sports Column, Matt Larsen (Fight to overcome)

Honorable Mention — Editorial Writing, Sommer Ingram (Baylor Family)
Honorable Mention —Page One Design, Nick Dean (Going Green)
Honorable Mention — General Column Writing, Jonathan Angel (Race: Mine to Proclaim)
Honorable Mention — Sports Action Photo, Daniel Cernero (Going for the Block)
Honorable Mention — Opinion/Editorial Page Design, Nick Dean (Social Media)
Honorable Mention — Sports News Story, Chris Derrett (Elite 8 Win)
Honorable Mention — Sports News Story, Justin Baer (Duke Ends Bears’ Run)
Honorable Mention — Sports Feature Photo, Daniel Cernero (Bowl Bound)
Honorable Mention — Picture Story: Daniel Cernero, Nick Dean, Makenzie Mason
(Bruin Bold)
Honorable Mention — Feature Page Design, Caty Hirst (Blurring the Lines)
Honorable Mention — Sports Page Design, Justin Baer (Dealing Aces)
Honorable Mention — Photo Illustration, Daniel Cernero (Marriage vs. Cohabitation)
Honorable Mention — Best Multimedia Package (Generation Y)

Round Up Yearbook (25)


First Place — Overall Excellence
First Place — Sports Action Photo, Erin Dickhaut (Waterski)
First Place — Feature Photo, Matt Hellman (Fiesta Ring Toss)
First Place — Academic Photo, Stephen Green (Sculpting Wood)
First Place — Photo Story, Round Up staff (Bonfire)
First Place — Opening Spread, Ryan Brinson (It Began Here)
First Place — People Spread, Ryan Brinson (Larger than Life)
First Place — End Sheets, Ryan Brinson (It Began Here)
First Place — Title Page, Ryan Brinson (It Began Here)
First Place — Cover Design, Ryan Brinson (Round Up 2010)

Second Place — Organizations Package, Megan McVay (Student Publications)
Second Place — Sports Package, Rachel Moorman (Football)

Third Place — Academic Copy, Megan McVay (Backpacks)
Third Place — Academic Package, Emily Tichenor (Opera)
Third Place — Photo Story, Round Up staff (Diadeloso)
Third Place — Sports Copy, Rachel Moorman (Post-Season Success)
Third Place — Information Graphic, Rachel Moorman (Rivalries)
Third Place — People Spread, Ryan Brinson (Junior Profiles)
Third Place — Feature Photo, Stephen Green (Big Event)
Third Place — Academic Photo, Matt Hellman (Revolution)

Honorable Mention — Sports Feature Photo, Stephen Green (Taking the field)
Honorable Mention — Sports Copy, Rachel Moorman (Post-Season Success)
Honorable Mention — Student Life Copy, Megan McVay (No Pit Stop)
Honorable Mention — Organizations Copy, Megan McVay (Student Publications)
Honorable Mention — Organizations Package, Ryan Brinson (Commitment)
Honorable Mention — Sports Package, Rachel Moorman (Basketball)
Honorable Mention — Feature/Student Life Package, Ryan Brinson (Homecoming)

Focus magazine (5)

Second Place — Story Package: Amy Lane, Hannah Cunningham, Katy McDowall
(Bleeding Pen)
Second Place — Feature Story, Amy Lane (Bleeding Pen)

Third Place — Cover Design, Katy McDowall (Focus on A&E)
Third Place — Picture Story, Shanna Taylor (Beauty of Movement)

Honorable Mention — Overall Design, Focus staff