Student Senate has quick meeting

By Will DeWitt

After several long meetings over the current session, Student Senate had a relatively quick meeting this Thursday.

Due to the absence of Michael Lyssy, the acting Internal Vice President and presiding officer over student senate, and Daniel Houston, the acting President Pro Tempore student senate voted Cody Orr preside over the meeting.

Senate voted on two bills that aimed to improve Baylor’s campus in different ways. The first bill dealt with sick students that live off campus, specifically those that don’t have parking permits and their difficulty finding parking when they visit the Health Center.

“If you live off campus and you park at the health center for an appointment you are liable to get a ticket,” said Aledo senior Daniel Abernathy.

The bill would make it possible for students to get tickets voided by presenting a doctors note to parking services.

“I think that it is something that needs to happen immediately because it is unfair to students,” said Abernathy.

Other than an amendment that proposed a time limit on Health Center parking that was eventually voted down, the bill passed with unanimous support.

The other bill Senate voted on and passed concerned the timing and direction of sprinklers throughout the campus. The bill focused on making sure the sprinkler system worked as efficiently as possible by insuring water was not wasted by spraying on walkways and buildings around campus and changing the times the sprinklers activate to night hours.

“I think it will just promote happiness all over campus,” said the bill’s author, Sugar Land Sophomore Emily Mott.

Senate also brought into first reading several bills covering a subjects such as putting quarter machines in dorms for laundry services, changing meal plan policy to allow students to swipe other students into dining halls, and utilizing existing technologies to help students on their quest to find parking in various parking garages.