Lariat Letters: Commitment to cause still intact

By way of background, Pi Kappa Phi has as one of its guiding principles assisting and promoting the interests of persons with disabilities.

In fact, Pi Kappa Phi (PiKapp) has its own philanthropy that is dedicated solely to that mission.

Each year, PiKapp conducts fundraising and service activities related to PUSH, including the annual “Pies for PUSH” campus event, and ramp building projects for persons and organizations in need of assistance with access to homes or facilities.

On Tuesday an unfortunate and particularly ironic misunderstanding led to the possible tarnishment of PiKapp’s image on Baylor campus, particularly as its image relates to sensitivities for persons with disabilities.

A PiKapp member’s vehicle (with the organization’s letters prominently displayed) was ticketed and booted in a handicap space behind the Cashion Academic Center.

It is ironic that a PiKapp would ever receive such a ticket.

The particularly unfortunate aspect of this incident, however, is that the ticket was reportedly the product of Baylor Parking Service’s assumption that the PiKapp member’s (valid) handicap pass was somehow a “fake.”

A Baylor Parking Service employee indicated to the undersigned that an additional pass was needed to meet campus parking rules, but did not deny that the PiKapp’s handicap pass was valid.

Misunderstandings and mistakes are a fact of life, and the individual PiKapp member involved in this incident will certainly move on unscathed.

However, once one’s image is tarnished, only time and diligent effort can repair the damage.

This note is intended as an effort to assure all who witnessed the parking incident that PiKapp and its members do indeed respect the needs of persons with disabilities, and this incident in no way evidenced anything to the contrary.

PiKapp and its members seek the support of all members of the Baylor community in its efforts to raise awareness of the challenges faced by those with disabilities, as well as to alleviate those challenges in all ways within our means.

— Prof. David G. Henry, Sr.
Faculty Advisor, Pi Kappa Phi