Point of View: Would you like some fries with that ho?

By Leigh Ann Henry

Who doesn’t want a fat ho for $3 or less? They can now be found at 11th St. and Ross Avenue, the new location of Fat Ho Burgers.

The restaurant, which opened Tuesday, has caused an uproar of controversy among some of the community members.

Arguments state that the name is “degrading to women” and “inappropriate.” The owner, 23-year-old, Lakita Evans, refers to her sandwiches and burgers as ho’s.

Yes, the phrase is a clear and obvious innuendo, but it’s no worse than Hooters.

No one is naive enough to pretend Hooters’ business is actually based on owls or that Twin Peaks dedicated its name to mountains.

I find it quite comical that because of the controversy that has been sparked and the people that have complained about it, Evans has received gobs of press from Houston to Dallas, creating a massive influx of customers.

The Fat Ho Burgers menu holds everything from tiny ho’s to sloppy ho’s, Mexican food and even a $1 menu.

It is unlikely that Fat Ho’s Burgers will ever be called the “Best Burger in Waco,” but a ho with fries and a drink will cost less than $5.

The price is comparable to any fast food restaurant and the food is absolutely better. The fact that some find it degrading to women is kind of comical.

First off, if you’re not a “ho” then why be offended? Second, our society and especially our generation is completely desensitized to sex.

Walk around Baylor campus, the largest Baptist university in the nation, and you still won’t be able to go a day without hearing the word used.

Sex is no longer taboo in our society. It’s in our media, music, textbooks, lectures and for most people it’s also in daily conversations.

If we were still living in the 1950s or had a similar value set, then this would be obviously offensive, but society has altered women’s roles along with our moral code and expectations.

In this day and age the word “ho” is no longer taboo. It is, in fact, quite common.

Perhaps my favorite detail about this establishment is the location. In the area are several ministries and churches, and located about a block away is the Gospel Café.

I visited the burger joint Wednesday and enjoyed a “Fried Chicken Ho” with tots and a diet Dr Pepper. The line was out the door and overtaking the parking lot from arrival to departure, which took about an hour and a half.

A few patrons were talking about the name being the only reason they came and it’s probably true of most people present.

If Evans decided to name her restaurant Lakita’s Burgers, who would check it out?

Of course the name is a gimmick, and how long will the restaurant be filled with patrons based upon the name? Probably until they find out the food isn’t great.

However, the controversy that Fat Ho Burgers has spurred is ridiculous. It isn’t ruining the image of the community. It’s not degrading to women… it’s a burger.

Leigh Ann Henry is a junior journalism major from Rockwall and a reporter for the Lariat.