Bearobics adds new options: Street Jazz and HardCORE

By Molly Dunn

For those looking for an overall body workout, Bearobics is now offering two new fitness classes: Street Jazz and HardCORE Conditioning.

Street Jazz will be taught by graduate student Heather Jade at 3 p.m. every Monday and HardCORE conditioning will be taught by Houston freshman Becca Dixon at 3 p.m. every Wednesday, both in the Bearobics studio location.

This week the two new classes were free. Bearobics is considering offering free classes for students and faculty on a regular basis for the rest of this semester, Pam Long, graduate assistant for fitness, said.

Bearobics staff had to add two classes after the injury of a popular instructor for toning and conditioning classes.

“This is unusual. We don’t usually add classes mid-semester, but due to the injury, we were able to. Instead of just having two holes on the schedule, we filled them,” Long said.

Van Davis, assistant director for fitness and nutrition, said the addition of these two new classes greatly contributes to the fitness options of students and faculty.

“It would be easy for us just to cancel all of her classes but we were very fortunate that we have these two wonderful ladies that will be picking up some of those spots,” Davis said. “The positive thing that came out of a negative situation is that we’re now able to add even more variety into our Bearobics program, which is very exciting.”

Jade will be teaching the Street Jazz class. This is her first time teaching a Bearobics class.

“It’s like a contemporary jazz class,” Jade said. “We put the word contemporary in there because it’s not jazz like people think of jazz. It’s more like hip hop but not quite that far.”

Long is excited to have a new type of dance class added to the Bearobics schedule.

“We haven’t had a modern dance class in a couple of semesters, and it’s perfect timing for all those people who just stopped Sing, “ Long said. “She [Jade] has so much experience, so it’s a great opportunity for those who like dance, who want to either increase their skills or improve their technique.”

Jade said students and faculty should not be intimidated as the class is suitable for all dance backgrounds.

“It’s more of the cool dancing that people do, and so it’s not going to be tailored specifically to dancers,” Jade said. “Anyone that wants to learn anything can come.”

This is also the first time to teach a Bearobics class for Dixon, who will instruct the HardCORE Conditiong class.

“I’ve always been interested [in teaching],” Dixon said. “I’ve taken classes for a while now when I’ve been home and here at Baylor. I’ve always been interested in getting certified. Now, through Baylor, I’m going to be able to get certified and teach.”

Davis said she enjoys having students, especially freshmen, teach Bearobics classes at Baylor.

“I am very proud to say that most of our instructors are students,” Davis said. “To come in as a freshman, I am more proud of that, simply because we could have this student for four years. The continuity of our program with the students who have been here year after year is always a positive thing for our department.”

Dixon’s HardCORE conditioning class will focus on core exercises that are more exciting than the average, basic routines.

“I’ve been thinking of focusing on the abs and the core and doing a lot of different exercises other than just basic crunches,” Dixon said. “Just incorporating different ways to strengthen the core and then having intervals of intense cardio, and also incorporating different lower body and upper body small, little intervals, but mainly focusing on the core workout.”

In comparison to other classes, Long said students can expect HardCORE conditioning to be similar to some of the toning and conditioning classes already offered by Bearobics.

“This one in particular will be a blend of all three: toning, kickboxing and abs,” Long said. “We’ve had conditioning in particular by our guys who teach conditioning, so it will be neat to have a girl who’s teaching conditioning.”

Long explained HardCORE is just a play on the word “core” and should not scare anyone away from the program.

“Our instructors are really good at offering modifications because we always want to welcome people of all abilities,” Long said.

Dixon’s method of teaching also focuses on offering modifications to be specific to each person’s needs and capabilities.

“You do what you can. It’s workout at your own pace,” Dixon said. “That’s my big thing, it’s your own workout, and it shouldn’t be too challenging or too easy for anyone. I would never want to scare anyone away or bore anyone.”

Bearobics staff encourage students and faculty to try out one of these two new classes or any of the 40 classes offered throughout the week.

If a student wants to try out Bearobics before they commit, they can show their ID for one free class. A semester of Bearobics is $30.

“Bearobics is such a great deal for students,” Long said. “We charge $30 a semester and you can go to as many classes as you want throughout the week. You’re not stuck in one class. You get a lot of variety.”