Senate addresses ambiguity in electoral code rewrite

By Will DeWitt

The Operations and Procedures Committee of Student Senate, which is responsible for reviewing bills involving internal issues and official documents, has continued the process of revising the Electoral Code this semester.

“There has been a disconnect between the candidates who are running for office, the individuals on the electoral commission and the student court who are enforcing provisions,” said Fort Worth junior senator Daniel Houston, the primary bill sponsor.

The revisions are intended to remove ambiguous language, but the original proposed revision was too unwieldy to get through Student Senate last semester.

“I think we were too quick in bringing it to senate,” Sugar Land sophomore Senator Cody Orr said. “We needed to have other people listen to the bill and think about it, deliberate about it, before we brought it to full senate.”

The committee has revised the bill for clarity.

“We just want to make sure everything runs as efficiently as possible,” Houston junior Greg Ortiz, the electoral commissioner, said.

The revisions themselves cover coalition campaigning, campaign workers and disqualification criteria, as well as several other issues.

To alleviate concerns over secrecy, the committee has invited everyone to voice their opinion on the proposed changes to the code.