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Needs one more
Upset city
Winning in Trenches
Scores by Seastrunk
Not so fast

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Needs one more

Baylor still needs one more win

With Baylor’s win against Kansas State, the Bears have totaled five wins so far. Baylor has to win at least one of the two remaining games to be bowl eligible.

The difference between five wins and six wins in college football is a lot bigger than just one win. The sixth win, and the opportunity to play in a bowl game, gives a university a lot of

Upset City FTW

Upset City

Upset City

Baylor rocked college football and stunned the nation with its 52-24 demolition of the No. 1 team in the nation Saturday evening. The Bears, however, weren’t all that surprised.

“All week we believed we were going to beat them, and we weren’t going to be surprised when it happened,” senior quarterback Nick Florence said.

Belief was the key word for Baylor under the lights, filling the gaps for a football team that has been lack luster all season.

With the prime time slot on ESPN, many figured it would be the coming out party for Heisman front-runner Kansas State senior quarterback Collin Klein.

Instead, with Klein going 27-of-50 for 286 yards through the air, only 39 yards on the ground and a trio of interceptions, it gave the nation the opportunity to

Upset FTW

Winning in trenches

Winning in the trenches

With Baylor’s stunning 52-24 display of dominance over No. 1 Kansas State, one position group stands out from among the rest: the offensive line.

Every game of football is won at the line of scrimmage.

To put it lightly, Baylor dominated the trenches against Kansas State.

Baylor senior quarterback Nick Florence had ample time in the pocket to find his receivers on his way to throwing for 238 yards and two touchdowns.

Baylor running backs junior Glasco Martin and sophomore Lache Seastrunk both had career days behind the potent Baylor offensive line.

“Props go to the o-line,” Florence said.

“They did a good job on the run game, and they did a good job of protecting me

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Scores by Seastrunk

Baylor scores by land, by air, by Seastrunk

Usually athletes don’t cry after a win, but they do occasionally shed tears after a loss.

Baylor sophomore running back Lache Seastrunk was so overcome with emotion in the waning moments of Baylor’s 52-24 victory over

Not so fast

Not so fast, Collin Klein

vid defeating Goliath, was Baylor’s defense playing relatively flawless, something Baylor fans are not used to.

“We had faith in our defense,” junior running back Glasco Martin said, “We knew as an offense that we could potentially score every time we got the ball in our hands. We just jumped on the backs of our defense and they came up with a stop and we took advantage of it