One ‘dead day’ is not enough to revive grades, students deserve more than 24 hours

By Allie Sczech | Reporter

The one day off during spring semester to study for upcoming final exam and final projects is not enough to prepare for assignments that make up big portions of course grades.

According to the Baylor Undergraduate Academic Calendar on the Baylor University website, students are given May 5 off to study. This is put in place to give students time to study and help students be fully equipped to complete these final exams and final projects. Yet, according to the calendar, finals start the following day and one day is not enough time to study for finals.

Finals make up a large portion of students’ grades. Therefore, most students spend hours on end studying for these exams. With just one day to study for multiple exams, students aren’t getting the appropriate amount of time to perform well. Students should be given a week to study prior to finals week like other universities.

According to the University of Southern California’s academic calendar, students have April 29 – May 2 off to study for finals during the spring term. This gives students four days to prepare for final exams and projects. This gives most students one full day for each exam if they want to study that way.

With four days to study for finals, students have the opportunity to spread their study regiments out and study a little bit each day leading up to the final. This prevents students for anxiety and stress of feeling as if they didn’t have enough time to prepare for the exam and don’t know the material well enough. Students are even given time to take study breaks and time to breathe within studying So they don’t feel over welcomed. Yet, with only one day students can take study breaks and venture off and get distracted and getting distracted with inly a short amount of time to study is not a good combination.

With just the one day to study students typically can’t keep their mind on what needs to get done. Therefore, it does get done. Change should be made by providing four to five day before finals and ease students anxiety. Help Baylor students go into their final exams and project prepared and equipped to do the best they possibly can.