Indian Subcontinent Student Association hosts fundraising thrift shop

The Indian Subcontinent Student Association hosts a thrift shop on campus. Grace Everett | Photo Editor

By Samantha Garza | News Writer

The Indian Subcontinent Student Association (ISSA) hosted a small thrift store event from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday in the Vara Martin Daniel Plaza. The event welcomed all students to shop for clothing, with proceeds going toward the organization’s philanthropy.

Frisco junior and ISSA fundraising chair Ishana Banerjee said via email that clothing items ranged in sizes and prices. With T-shirts costing $3, pants $3, dresses $5 and hoodies/crewnecks $10, the items were set at affordable prices.

“We priced at this so students could pick out a few of the items that caught their eye or wanted to get, without having to spend a lot on them,” Banerjee said.

Dublin, Calif., sophomore and ISSA marketing chair Ishita Bakshi said the clothing items had been donated by ISSA’s executive board. Each officer had donated five to 10 pieces, and the fundraising chair set the prices.

San Francisco senior and ISSA social chair Milita Vazirania said this was the first year ISSA hosted a thrift store fundraising event.

“Our fundraising chair actually came up with the idea,” Vazirania said. “We saw a couple of other thrift stores on campus, and we wanted to also do that because I think it raises a lot of money, and we want to donate to our philanthropy as well.”

Bakshi said the organization’s philanthropy is Developments in Literacy. For 25 years, Developments in Literacy has been providing thousands of children across Pakistan with low-cost, high-quality education. It is currently educating over 29,000 students in 138 schools.

The goal for the event was to raise $300 to $400, but Vazirania said ISSA may have raised more considering the great turnout it was having throughout the day.