Baylor Tutoring Center searches for student applicants

The Baylor Tutoring Center offers students an opportunity to earn money while teaching others. Brittany Tankersley | Photo Editor

By Mason Staatz | Guest Contributor

The Baylor University Tutoring Center is seeking potential tutors for the 2022-2023 school year.

“We have one of the best-paying jobs on campus, and the students get great working hours,” program manager for tutoring Melanie Briscoe said.

Student tutors are paid $10 an hour, have a set work schedule for the weekdays and earn great experience on their resume, Briscoe said. Briscoe also said some students are hesitant to apply because they do not feel like they are qualified or prepared enough to tutor other students.

The Tutoring Center requires students to have an A in the courses they want to tutor, a cumulative 3.5 GPA and three faculty recommendations when applying.

“I was a little nervous to apply because I had never formally tutored before,” tutor Preston Hart said.

Hart said after he was accepted and went through the training process, the nervous feeling was gone. He said he believes in his ability to tutor students in music — his specialty — and other subjects if necessary.

“I think what people don’t realize is that we go through a pretty extensive training process,” Hart said. “Professors do presentations on how students learn and the ways to tutor students, so it’s easier for them to understand.”

The Tutoring Center also has a variety of resources tutors can use to refine their knowledge or tutoring strategies if needed, Hart said.

Applications can be found here or on the Tutoring Center’s website under the “Tutor Job Application” tab. Interviews will be held in May and June. Briscoe recommends students apply as soon as possible.