OALA accommodates students through summer

OALA accommodates students over the summer. Photo courtesy of Baylor University

By Ana Ruiz Brictson | Staff Writer

As the summer approaches and Baylor’s minimester begins on May 16, Baylor’s Office of Access and Learning Accommodation (OALA) continues to accommodate and support students throughout all terms.

Accommodation specialist Toni Nogalski said via email that OALA is open for students who are already registered and is also fully equipped to receive and register new students throughout the summer.

“OALA works with any student in need of accommodations, regardless of which term they are enrolled,” Nogalski said.

The accommodations OALA offers for students who are enrolled in in-person classes can be replicated in online courses, according to Nogalski.

“If students are already registered with OALA, they should contact their accommodation specialist if they have any questions about how accommodations work for online classes,” Nogalski said.

OALA’s staff is present and working throughout the summer for its standard business hours.

“We always have a presence during orientation to help students find OALA and other resources in the Success Center prior to beginning classes in the fall,” Nogalski said.

OALA tends to see fewer students during the summer semester compared to the spring and fall semesters. Nogalski said the number of students accommodated throughout the summer depends on the number of OALA students who sign up for summer classes.

OALA director Dae Vasek said via email that OALA provides accommodations throughout all terms, including minimesters. The only thing students need to do is request their letters of accommodation for each term.

Nogalski said OALA encourages any student in need of accommodation to complete its application for accommodation. In addition to the application, students must also submit medical documentation supporting their request for accommodation.

“Although campus is sometimes a little less crowded during summer, we’re still in the business of providing access for all Bears,” Nogalski said. “Please direct any disability-related accommodation requests to our office, oala@baylor.edu or 254-710-2605.”