FM72 makes comeback to campus

Baylor hosts FM72 from March 27 through March 30 at Fountain Mall and McLane Stadium. Photo courtesy of FM72

By Rachel Chiang | Reporter

FM72, the 72 hours of prayer and worship nights at Fountain Mall and McLane Stadium, will be held from March 27 through March 30.

The campus-wide event originated in spring 1945 when Baylor students gathered on Fountain Mall and prayed for revival for 90 days straight. Now, the event is hosted by Baptist Student Ministries (BSM) and will be featuring 15 local churches and student ministries on campus. The Colony sophomore and BSM connect chair Anthony Rodriguez has been helping plan the event.

“It’s a great place to just go and make friends; if you’ve been looking for community, you can definitely find one there,” Rodriguez said. “And just being able to take all your burdens and anxieties you’ve been facing throughout your life and this semester and just go take it to God, and even if you don’t have a faith in anything, it’s just a good time to be in peace and relax.”

Brenham junior and prayer warrior Sophia Taylor shared her experience from when she attended FM72 last year.

“It’s like that camp high when you go to camp, it’s right in the middle of the semester, and it’s like the perfect push to finish out the semester,” Taylor said. “You get so refreshed and renewed in the word during this week, that you’re just in it and then it’s like, ‘Oh, the semester’s over.’”

For Rodriguez, he said he is most looking forward to the prayer aspect, and he hopes students will feel the passion to chase after God, experience God like never before and live a Christ-centered life.

For Taylor, she said the worship nights are her favorite part, and in general, throughout the entire event, students can really feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.

“Grab your friends and come and just be in the presence of the Lord,” Taylor said. “It’s literally like nothing you’ve experienced before. You’re going to want to be there. You’re going to want to be ready to listen to the Holy Spirit. We hope for new believers. We hope people encounter Jesus and see his beauty here on our campus. We hope those that are lost once again find their faith and see Jesus on our campus, because I think we don’t see the face of Jesus on our campus every day here at Baylor, but during FM72, he’s here. He’s here and ready.”