Sports Take: Go support all Baylor teams

Some sports receive more media attention than others despite equal competitiveness and skill level. Photo courtesy of Baylor Athletics

By AnnaGrace Hale | Sports Writer

With football being out of season and men’s and women’s basketball abruptly ending this past weekend, what do Baylor sports have in store for the rest of the spring semester? The answer is a lot.

Many people debate if Baylor is a basketball school or a football school, but something that is commonly overlooked is the fact that Baylor holds some other powerhouse teams.

No. 1 Baylor acrobatics and tumbling (5-0) is looking for their seventh straight national title this season. No. 4 seed Baylor equestrian (6-6) is returning to the Big 12 Championship to attempt to find victory. No. 6 Baylor men’s tennis (17-2) is searching for the program’s 11th Big 12 Men’s Tennis Championship title. No. 26 Baylor women’s tennis (12-4) continues to impress, winning its last seven matches.

There is obviously no lack of talent or quality of play, so why are these sports having difficulty filling the stands? The issue is marketing, not from the Baylor Athletics team, but from a lack of student awareness and the media culture of America.

The sad truth is students will choose to go to a football game over a tennis match any day. This choice is not because the tennis match is less important or less exciting, but rather football is part of the American culture. There is more marketing around it. The stadium is larger. There is more media coverage and more conversations revolve around the result.

However, the football team is just like the tennis or acrobatics and tumbling teams in that they want — and need — student support. These athletes work hard to represent their school well.

So, the big question is how does Baylor provide this support?

It starts with the students. Be informed of game schedules. Post on social media about successes in these sports. Invite friends to games, meets and matches. It’s a great time to socialize while cheering on your school. Plus, you may even get a free T-shirt or meal out of it. Baylor men’s tennis serves free pizza at home matches. If nothing else, let the food be an incentive to support the green and gold.

Most importantly, the products of these games aren’t lacking. These teams are winning, and they are winning at high levels against big teams.

Acrobatics and tumbling has a home meet at 5 p.m. on April 2 against Hawaii Pacific at the Ferrell Center. Men’s tennis returns to Waco after a long road stretch at 1 p.m. on April 3 to challenge Texas Christian University at the Hurd Tennis Center. Women’s tennis takes on Kansas State University at noon on April 8 at Hurd Tennis Center as well. Go support your Bears.