Ukrainan professor reflects on violence in his home country

By Danika Young | Broadcast Reporter

In light of the full-scale attack on Ukraine, Sergiy Kudelia, Professor at Baylor University and Ukrainian native speaks about his concern for his country and loved ones back home. The news of Russia’s invasions brought Kudelia back to his childhood, when Ukraine gained independence from the Soviet Union. He saw the birth of his nation and he fears he may see it die.

Kudelia says Russia is targeting civilian areas, with civilian casualties numbers climbing which he anticipates will continue to rise. Kudelia says it is clear that Putin will not stop at anything, this is why he fears for the fate of his own family in Ukraine. He calls for support from the western side of the world and Baylor University to support Ukraine and its people. Kudelia said it is no longer a conflict between countries, but between two visions of the future for the entire world.