alpha Kappa Delta Phi dips its paws into the painter’s palette

Baylor’s chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi fundraises this week for its sorority, which promotes sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, Asian Awareness and service. Photo courtesy of Baylor alpha Kappa Delta Phi

By Luke Araujo | Staff Writer

National Panhellenic sorority alpha Kappa Delta Phi is selling paintings made by its members’ pets until May 5 on social media. The organization is also allowing buyers to preorder paintings through a preorder form.

As of March 2, the chapter had over 30 orders placed for its pet paintings. Each 3×3-inch painting costs $5 per canvas with a $1 shipping fee.

The Baylor chapter is part of the larger alpha Kappa Delta Phi, which has initiated over 9,000 members across the United States and Canada since 1990, according to the Baylor chapter’s website. Baylor’s chapter was founded in the fall of 1997.

According to San Antonio senior and president of the Baylor chapter Madisyn Puangco, alpha Kappa Delta Phi’s pet painting event is focused on fundraising for the organization.

“Our pets paint on canvases to raise money for our chapter to help fund our status advancement plans,” Puangco said. “We thought it would be super cute and fun to involve our sxsters’ pets in our sorority.”

Puangco said the fundraising is most focused on being used for status advancement.

“We are currently not a full-fledged sorority,” Puangco said. “So, in order to reach our goal of achieving that status, we have expenses that we are fundraising for in hopes of achieving that. Our ultimate goal with status advancement is to make aKDPhi more known and recognizable on campus.”

The chapter’s goal is to promote its pillars of sxsterhood, scholarship, leadership, Asian Awareness and service. In working toward this, the chapter has engaged in philanthropy work, Puangco said.

“Last semester, our chapter alone raised over $3,900 for Breast Cancer Awareness,” Puangco said. “Our sxsters have also been recognized many times internationally through our governing body, the International Leadership Board. We participate in and host events on campus to spread Asian Awareness, such as CelebrASIAN, VSA’s Autumn Moon, ASA’s Asianfest and much more.”

Houston senior and status chair of Baylor’s chapter Lily Nguyen said alpha Kappa Delta Phi has hosted events alongside its philanthropy work.

“We have hosted annual events such as Bowl for a Cure and Bump, Set, Cure,” Nguyen said. “Those are bowling and volleyball that we host, with all proceeds going toward BCA.”

The organization has also hosted service mixers and events in collaboration with other student organizations on campus.

During COVID, we hosted an online Twitch concert for BCA called Beep Boop for a Cure,” Nguyen said. “Another initiative is Toasty Toes, in which we raised money for waterproof thermal socks to give to the less fortunate. We have our Mr. Pink Pageant coming up, which will have all proceeds go toward BCA.”

The organization is looking toward the future, in which they hope to become a full-fledged sorority at Baylor.

“We hope that everyone gets to know us better and recognizes us when we are on campus,” Puangco said.