Lutherans Doing Life Together strives to build relationships, provide safe spaces

Lutherans Doing Life Together is a student organization that works to build close bonds and a safe environment for fellow Lutheran students. Photo courtesy of Jack Lefavour

Rachel Chiang | Reporter

Baylor’s Lutherans Doing Life Together (LDLT) works to build close-knit relationships and provide a safe space for students.

According to its website, LDLT is sponsored by St. Paul Lutheran Church in Waco. The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod student organization holds Bible studies at 7 p.m. on Tuesdays in the Bill Daniel Student Center.

Fairfax, Va., senior and LDLT president Jack LeFavour said the organization strives to “spread the Christian faith through our actions and provide a space where you can come and express your faith.”

LeFavour said he is really grateful for how supportive Baylor has been of their organization and how it continues to provide spaces and resources for them to operate.

“It’s nice to be able to have an organization that is your specific denomination and not have to put yourself into another organization that you may not be fully engaged in,” LeFavour said. “For me, it’s been a great opportunity to just grow in my faith and be able to engage in scriptures on a basis that otherwise I would not have done.”

LeFavour said he had a tough transition to college his freshman year, and being in LDLT has helped him get acclimated and find community at Baylor. He attributed the size of the group as a major factor contributing to the community he has found in the organization.

“I think that having a smaller group definitely helps us become more connected than bigger student organizations,” LeFavour said. “I think that helps us understand each other better, form relationships better and just overall become more like a family.”

Huntsville, Al., senior and LDLT vice president Lauren Rigby said the group’s small size, as well as the consistency of meeting every Tuesday, has made her feel welcomed and safe.

Rigby said the organization strives to provide for students searching for a community in college. In order to achieve this goal, Rigby said they often go out to be with each other, invest in each other and just have fun. She said this may include going to lunch after Sunday services, getting kolaches and more.

“I think our goal on campus is to find people who are looking for a group and then love them so much that they want to stay, because a lot of the people that come are people who are looking for Lutheran group or are new to college and are looking for a group in general,” Rigby said.