Weekly Review: Common Grounds’ new Sweetheart Specials

Common Grounds recently released its new Sweetheart Specials seasonal drink menu. Camryn Duffy | Photographer

By Lauren Holcomb | Reporter

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Common Grounds released a limited-edition menu of Sweetheart Specials to ring in the season. The shop released six new seasonal drinks on Feb. 1 ranging from lattes to mochas, and even an Italian soda option. As a coffee lover, and after trying all six myself, here is my rundown of each new release.


Described as a “white chocolate mocha with raspberry syrup,” XOXO has more of a granola and natural taste. The white chocolate taste pulls through, and it is a noticeably lighter taste compared to some of the others. The earthy taste probably comes from the use of an almond milk instead of regular milk. The raspberry, however, is not the most prominent flavor. I would give XOXO a 2.5/5.

Love Hurts a Latte

Next up, Love Hurts a Latte is described as “our classic latte with strawberry and vanilla syrup.” The strawberry syrup flavor stands out the most, so if you like a fruitier taste to your coffee, this would be the one for you. I did not think the strawberry flavor mixed super well with the rest of the drink overall, and I give Love Hurts a Latte a 2/5.

Nervous Breakup

Nervous Breakup, a “white chocolate mocha with CG secret sauce and four shots of espresso,” is sure to wake you right up. One sip of this pungent drink felt like an electric shock. This mocha will easily keep you up all night, and its vibrant taste is unlike any other on the sweetheart specials menu. I would give Nervous Breakup a 3.5/5.

Sweetheart Mocha

Up next, the Sweetheart Mocha is “our classic mocha with strawberry syrup.” If you like your coffee flavors to be more toned down, this is the drink for you. The strawberry syrup adds the perfect amount of sweetness without being too overpowering and is overall more cohesive tasting than Love Hurts a Latte. This sweet drink earns a 3.5/5 from me.

Sweet Lou

A change of pace, Sweet Lou is an “Italian soda with almond, vanilla and strawberry syrup.” To me, this tastes exactly like a strawberry Sprite but with an added creamy texture. To be honest, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this drink. Refreshing and perfectly timed for the season, I would give this addition a solid 4/5.

Ring by Spring

Last up, Ring by Spring is said to be a “wedding cake flavored latte with almond and vanilla syrup.” If you are a fan of the classics, this would be your pick. Wedding cake flavored is the perfect description for this drink. The sweetness stands out, but it is not too overbearing. This is the perfect pick for someone who wants to join the holiday spirit without branching out too much, and I would give this a 4/5.

Common Grounds’ new Sweetheart Specials are for sure worth a try. With a wide variety of new drinks, you are sure to find one that fits your needs this Valentine’s Day season.