Review: Le’s Kitchen has variety you’re looking for on campus

If you’re looking to try something new on campus, Le’s Kitchen in the SUB, is the place to grab a quick lunch between a busy day of classes. Photo by Emma Weidmann | Staff Writer

By Emma Weidmann | Staff Writer

Le’s Kitchen is the newest local restaurant to be featured at Revolve in the Bill Daniel Student Union Building, bringing variety to on-campus dining options.

I ordered the banh mi, opting for chicken over other options such as grilled pork, pork belly and tofu. The banh mi was perfectly sweet with the addition of vegetables and Vietnamese mayonnaise, served on a baguette. There is an exciting audible crunch when you take your first bite into the baguette, and in each bite, there are so many different flavors mingling — savory, sweet and fresh. For anyone who is looking for a good sandwich on campus that isn’t from the dining hall, the banh mi is definitely the way to go.

As a side, I split the pork spring rolls with a friend. These were filled with cabbage, vermicelli noodles, pork and cucumber, and served with peanut sauce. Everything looked very fresh. The pork was delicious and flavorful on its own, but the rolls themselves felt like they were missing something savory to make all of these ingredients come together. Keep in mind that spring rolls are different from egg rolls; if you’re looking for something fried, spring rolls may not be the best choice.

I also tried the bowl with chicken, rice and peanut sauce. Like the banh mi, the chicken was sweet and tender. Combined with veggies and rice, the bowl makes for the perfect array of sweet and tangy. The bowls have the same choices for meat and protein as the banh mi, but customers can choose from a variety of sauces, like jalapeño, soy, sweet chili and garlic chili.

For drinks, I ordered Vietnamese coffee and ginger tea. The Vietnamese coffee came out piping hot, which was sorely needed for my freezing cold walk to class afterwards. If you’re a fan of sweet, confectioned coffees, this might be a good pick. It tasted almost like chocolate, but wasn’t weak like many flavored coffees. The tea had that signature kick of ginger, but was also extremely sweet. I would recommend either drink equally, as both are a great choice and go very well with any entree on the menu.

Students with vegetarian or gluten-free diets will not feel left out, as tofu is available on both the banh mi and the bowls, as well as in the spring rolls. There are gluten-free choices on the menu such as the beef stew, spring rolls and the bowls if you choose jalapeño or sweet chili sauce.

Like most of the restaurants that have been featured at Revolve, prices tend to be somewhat high, especially compared with those in the food court. My sandwich and coffee cost more than $10. On my second visit, my bowl and ginger tea cost more than $16. However, it’s a great opportunity to support local businesses in the Waco community. For the times when dining halls become repetitive, this is a great option and the food itself is worth the price.