Recruitment is hard, but you’re tougher

Morgan Dowler | Cartoonist

You’ve now filled out all the forms, paid your fee, gone on your rush dates and stalked each sorority’s Instagram post by post. As you finish up finals and go home for the holidays, the first thing awaiting you when you get back to Waco in the spring will be Stacy Riddle Forum — and you will get very acquainted with that building as you go through the week of recruitment.

Full disclosure: This week will be overwhelming, exhausting and emotionally draining. You’ll typically walk into Waco Hall the first morning — although the first day will be online next year — and walk out of Stacy Riddle what will feel like a lifetime later with girls on every side of you. Some will be screaming with joy, and some will be doing their best not to show how heartbroken they are. But despite the emotionally (and caffeine) charged surroundings, you will be fine. You will have found your place or set yourself on an unexpected path to find the place you truly belong.

As an editorial board, we’ve all either gone through recruitment ourselves or seen our friends do so, and we know it’s a grueling week. So, here are some ideas we came up with to try to help you feel a little more at ease.

  • The first thing that may help is writing yourself a letter beforehand. This letter can be a reminder not to forget the people who bring you joy, the moments that brought you peace and the experiences that shaped you to be who you are. It’s a note you can open when you think things can’t possibly get worse from the person who knows you best. We recommend writing this sooner rather than later so you can forget what you’ve written to yourself for the most effective letter. For some girls, the letter acts as a reminder that things aren’t as bad as your tired mind may be telling you. For others, it can bring you the comfort you need in that moment.
  • A couple days before you officially begin recruitment, plan out your outfits down to the earrings. Make sure you feel confident and true to yourself in each look. This is key to not having to overthink and stress yourself out when you’re supposed to have been walking out the door 10 minutes ago. Lay out your clothes, shoes and jewelry the night before to ensure you have a lowkey morning to ease you into the day.
  • Another key thing to add to your daily routine for recruitment week is calling someone you know can hype you up. Everyone needs a good pep talk once in a while, so why not start each day of the week with one? You’ll be surprised at how starting the day off with a smile can take the pressure away.
  • No matter how stressed or tired or sad you may be, do not forget to feed yourself. It’s so important to eat. You may be nervous, but you’ll need the fuel to get you through the day. You don’t want to pass out in the middle of a party or end up talking to someone while you’re hangry.
  • You may catch pockets in the day where you find yourself alone. Take advantage of them. The rooms are loud, so a little calm will do you good — especially if you’re happiest in quiet places.

At the end of the week, if you get a bid from a sorority you’re thrilled about, feel all the joy. If you don’t, remember there are still other sororities and organizations that are just as excited to welcome you as you are to find a place that feels like home. There are also more girls than you realize who have gone through the same thing you are going through now.

No matter which group you end up in, at the end of the day, they are just letters. They do not equal your worth, and they don’t define your future. All in all, you are you and you are loved.