Take advantage of campus events

Morgan Dowler | Cartoonist

As unbelievable as it may seem, part of the college experience is participating in campus events and engaging in student life outside of the classroom. Going to various events hosted by organizations or attending campus-wide traditions are extremely important ways to get involved in college and make those lifelong memories.

In 2020, the Wall Street Journal ranked Baylor No. 5 nationally for student engagement in how it informs, inspires and challenges its students. However, it’s those who don’t attend or who think it’s uncool to be in an organization who really put an uncomfortable and negative feeling toward activities that should be fun and uplifting.

While in that same year, Baylor was ranked No. 19 for first-year experiences by the U.S. News, it shouldn’t only be freshmen who are active on campus. Sophomores, juniors and seniors should also be taking advantage of the different opportunities that are offered on campus. Even though the overall concept is the same every year with big events like Homecoming, All-University Thanksgiving or Christmas on 5th, you can have a new experience every year if you choose to do so. Go with new people who you’ve met in class or try another aspect of the event — make the effort to have a good time.

Organizations on campus such as Student Foundation, Student Government, the Baylor Chamber of Commerce and many others work throughout the year to ensure students have a superior experience at Baylor. The time and effort the university puts into events just for students to not attend them or complain about them is hard to hear and empathize with when the alternative to these events is simply staying home.

Many of these campus-wide opportunities are free and sometimes offer free merchandise or food or the ability to purchase Baylor gear. Students also have access to free football tickets throughout the regular season and the opportunity to preview multiple creative arts experiences. All of these functions help cultivate an atmosphere at Baylor that shows an attempt to engage students with their peers — we just aren’t catching on.

Christmas on 5th is Thursday and is the perfect chance for everyone to celebrate the holidays and show their Baylor spirit. With many different activities planned for the evening, go ahead and contact your friends and plan on going. As one of the last events on campus for the fall semester, don’t be the one who regrets staying home while everyone posts about lighting up the Christmas tree.